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G&G Full Metal M14 Ver. 4 (Fake Wood) Basic Package

Latest package deal at Airsoft GI... "The G&G Full Metal M14 Ver. 4 is the latest and greatest M14 on the market, not just the best M14 from G&G, it outdoes everything else out there. The Version 4 M14 from G&G is the most realistic, the most upgradeable, the best performing and feeling M14 right out of the box. The trigger spring assembly has been redesigned for better trigger response. The sector gear is equipped with an 8mm ball bearing for maximum friction reduction.

EB Tactical: 4 X Optic Scope ACOG With Iron Sight

EB Tactical now has in stock a replica of the Trijicon ACOG TA01NSN that is an actual optical sight, as compared to other ACM ACOG replicas that sport red/green dot sights. It is capable of 4x magnification and the design is actually closer to the TA01NSN complete with markings. It is sold out for the meantime so you'll have to wait until it is back in stock. For the price of US$98 with free shipping, it's a steal!

Guarder Full Metal T65K2 Special Force AEG Rifle is offering this rare AEG made by Guarder... "This is a very rare AEG rifle that is limited production by Guarder. The T-65K2 is modeled after the M16 used by the special forces and snipers in Asia. A very unique and rare rifle. Very limited quantity available to the U.S.A. We are able to obtain a few of them and we are always selling out on this model.

RSOV Store Announcement - February 06, 2008

Latest announcement from regarding their business operations in observance of the Chinese New Year. Kung Hei Fat Choi to Keith and the rest of the team... "The long Chinese New Year holiday started today our store is closed until Feb 18, 2008 !!! To our friends / valuable customers,  In addition to our previous store announcement on Feb 01, 2008 here are some important notices:

EyeTactical C220 BAFP Face Mask

This one from EyeTactical looks like a gas mask, but it actually offers comfort and protection while playing... "The C220 BAFP Face Mask is unique to Military, Law Enforcement industries and Paintball / Mil-Sim. The system offers facial protection against flash and burn and low level ballistic injuries with its Kevlar / Nomex mask insert and neck protector. Comfortable and lightweight, it provides the user with constant, filtered airflow resulting in a cool environment. 

Sawfly® Military Eyewear System

If you want to look better and at the same time have your eyes protected properly, this one from Revision Eyewear is for you... "The Revision Sawfly: proven to be the top performing impact eyewear system available. Designed for fit, function and comfort, this unmatched level of protection is specifically designed for the military.

M18A1 Remote Control BB Claymore

Looking for more fun in your skirmish? The claymore replica that has been around for some months now is now available at Action Hobbys. You can detonate this remotely by remote control and you can scoop all those spent bbs to use as ammo for this nicety... "Firing over 200 BB's in 1 shot, remote control with up to 200m range, these Claymore's are very strong and heavy in construction and a must for any mil-sim event.

Pantac Outer Tactical Vest - New Version

More Pantac products now available at Redwolf Airsoft, like this new tactical vest... "The Interceptor body armor system consists of an Outer Tactical Vest (OTV). This high quality replica is beside on the real stuff used and developed for United States Military Forces. Multiple layers which included high quality 100% cotton inside, makes this vest looks solid as the real one.

Vega Force Company New Website

­The Vega Force Company (VFC) is now sporting a new look for their website. While the site is still undergoing testing, there are interesting products that you might want to consider. They have upcoming AEGs such as AIMS PMC, AK74MN, AK105, and the KAC PDW. Although the last one (KAC PDW) has been seen in displays last year, there is no retailer officially known to be selling this. Other products of interest are CQBR Mk18 Mod0, KAC SR-16 CQB, and the MK43 Mod 1.

FAS Limited Edition Black Polo Shirt

FilAirsoft, due to popular demand, is again releasing new FAS shirts, this time a Black Polo Shirt Limited Edition. Proceeds will be for the upkeep of the FAS website, and support also the efforts of Obet Yance and the rest of the mods at the Filairsoft forum. They need to keep on paying for the dedicated server to serve you even better... "You can buy the shirts at a standard retail price of Php657.00 (US$16.16). WHOLESALE ACCEPTED (for retailer or team orders) 10% less for 30pcs or more.