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Aimpoint T-1 Red Dot Scope Replica

Chinese made replica of the Aimpoint Micro T-1 now at eBaybanned.Way cheaper than the real deal, and it seems to be faithfully designed. The real one is optimised for use with night vision equipment and can be adjusted to several levels of brightness for the shooter. This item can also be piggybacked on other bigger scopes, especially tri-rail ones.

Matrix Tactical Systems Halloween Soldier Mask w/ Goggles Set is offering this limited edition set. If interested you can pre-order now... "You are looking at the hottest Halloween limited edition Airsoft Soldier Mask. It is a full face mask setup that will give you the ultimate look of a tough soldier with face paint without actually painting your face. It will give you the 'realistic look' and 'full face protection' at the same time.  Limited edition product by the number one Airsoft manufacture in the USA.

MadBull Silencer Best Silencer by AI Magazine

MadBull's happy with the latest review made by AI Mag... "Our toy silencer (non-US edition) is reviewed by Airsoft International magazine as the quietest silencer among G&G, ICS, and TM. Why? Not only we have authentic and licensed trademark and logo but also we are using better internal materials than others. And we did many testing and experiment before we choose the final material and design.

Tanio Koba VP-70M Full Set

This product from Tanio Koba, who seems to be every airsoft player's ideal grandfather, now at RedWolf Airsoft... "Unique special concealed carry pistol can shoot in semi-auto or 3-shot burst mode. Includes detacheable rear stock that is hollow and can house the entire gun for storage. Rear stock also includes holster brace so that you can conceal the entire gun under your arm and along the side of your body for concealed carry. Comes with an OD-coloured sling.

OE TECH Desert Ghillie Suit

New Ghillie suits from Airsoft GI... "Ghillie suits are the ultimate camouflage for snipers. No other suit helps the wearer blend in with their woodland surroundings. The ghillie suit covers the entire body, not only blending the colors with the surroundings but disguising the human body shape by creating rough edges, making the silhouette unrecognizable for anyone that might be quickly scanning the terrain.

Airsoft Buddy to Retail WE M4 Gas Blow Back

New airsoft retailer, Airsoft Buddy, will be retailing the upcoming WE M4 GBB this month.... "WE will launch their first Gas Blow Back M4 Rifle in the middle of October. This GBB M4 is in full metal. Package includes GBB M4, Magazine, Inner Barrel x 2 (Long x 1, Short x 1), Outer Barrel is expandable from M4 CQB to M4 Carbine. CO2 magazine will available when the GBB M4 launched. Please take a look to the following photos which is the sample of the GBB M4." Photos below:

Bioshot BB Now Available

New company called Bioshot joins in the BBB trend... "BioShot bb is now launching as a producer of Biodegradable bb’s. Bioshot’s bbs are sold at a competitive price and are accepting applications from dealers, teams and fields. The bio bb’s produced by BioShot BB break down in 40 to 180 days. Rate of decay is based on the amount of exposure to light, moisture and enzymes present in the dirt.

Land Warrior Airsoft Gets New Look

This has been in the works for sometime now, and now Land Warrior Airsoft finally launches its new look. Perhaps another introduction from them would help... "Land Warrior Airsoft is the UK’s leading airsoft supplier, provided 100% customer satisfaction with the best prices. We are a company of Airsoft Skirmishers for Airsoft Skirmishers. As members of UKARA, the governing body for retailers in the UK, we are committed to a professional service for genuine players.

Inokatsu Conversion Kits for the WA M4CQBR

Inokatsu is releasing conversion kits for the Western Arms CQB-R, which are namely; M4-CQBR and the M4SOP. Prices for both are at US$709 and plus the WA M4 CQB-R with blowback, and its magazines, will really set you back over a thousand bucks just to real­ly give that cool look. But as long as you've got the money to burn, you can't complain. You can go and visit the Inokatsu website as you can also download instruction manuals on how to install these kits. ­Mainly made of steel and aluminium.

S.O. Tech Extended Go Bag

Airsoft Extreme is now offering this, and is available in the multicam pattern from Crye Precision... "The Extended Go Bag is an excellent discrete carry rifle bag that has been modified from the original Go Bag to allow you to fit a broken down civilian length AR15 type carbines (up to 17.5 inches).  It is best used in combination with the SOTech padded foam inserts (link - p/n #xxxx) to protect the 2 halves of your rifle from cosmetic or impact damage.