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Full Text of Amended Philippine IRR On Airsoft

We got an email containing the full text of the amended Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) on Airsoft in the Philippines. This was issued last Wednesday, 9 January 2008, by Avelino Razon, the Director General of the Philippine National Police (PNP). While this is nowhere close to the VCRA in the UK, this is also welcome news neverthless for Philippine airsofters, as this puts airsofting generally  on a semi-legal basis, until the existing law banning replica firearms gets revoked by the Philippine Congress.

Advisory: System Maintenance 13 January 2007

Our Hosting Provider has given us notice that the whole service will be on regular maintenance and upgrades on 13 January 2006..."Engineering team will be performing upgrades to our outer load-balancers and storage units.  The maintenance will occur between the hours of 00:30-04:30 CST on Sunday, January 13.  During this maintenance period, our storage system will need to be rebooted. During the reboot, a "We are performing system maintenance" message will appear on the website.

The Gathering: Reloaded

­One of the most anticipated airsoft events by Filipino airsofters overseas, THE GATHERING, is now announced to take place at the Longmoor Training Camp on the 15th of March 2008 with the help of Ambush Adventures. This is the biggest event of ACE Brigade (Airsoft Combat Enthusiast Brigade) in the United Kingdom. ACE Brigade is the largest group comprised mainly of Filipino airsofters who have now made the United Kingdom their home.

WebSighting: Hagibis Airsoft Squad

Another group founded by Filipino airsofters, but now growing with non-Filipino members in the US West Coast, is featured here. The Hagibis Airsoft Squad (HAS) is also one of the popular airsoft teams that have been in active in the US and Philippine airsoft scenes. Founded 4 years ago, this group has over 200 members, and a well made website that is very friendly to newcomers and veterans alike. From here, let's find out what they say about themselves and their website.

RS Wiki: M1A Rifle

These series will have content taken from Wikipedia, the largest online en­cyclopedia, as you are allowed to copy or modify the content as provided for in the GNU Free Documentation License. Thus, it also compiles related information provided at Wikipedia and be able to deposit these information here. In the second installment of the series, we are featuring the M1A civilian rifle.


2007: PopularAirsoft Top 10 Stories

Editor's Note:No news will be published on the 30th of December until the 1st of January. Regular news will resume on the 2nd of January 2008.  Well, PopularAirsoft was launched in the middle of this year and we have covered only the 2nd half of 2007. But nevertheless, we are making our best efforts in making a run down of some of the significant developments in the Airsoft World this year. This year has been an exciting one, with signs that airsoft is getting more and more popular all around the world. We hope that you had a fantastic 2007 airsoft year.

The Red Pill Took Its Toll At Octozone

Unfortunately, I wasn't as fast as Neo to dodge the bbs. But it sure was a blast. The skirmish site is really for quick and fast reaction and nerves of steel --- guaranteed to make you tense upon stepping into the dead zone. Entering The Matrix would make you wish you had taken the Blue Pill as Morpheus said..."the story ends there. You wake in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe."

ENTER THE MATRIX*: 27 December 2007, Octozone, Pasig City

We have a quick follow-up on RATRATAN 2007 while still spending the holidays in the Philippines, and this time it's an all out CQB game. Some Pinoy airsofters might be disappointed that it's 328fps (average CQB games here are around 350 to 400fps, OUCH!). As an added touch, we are putting in place The Matrix Theme to give some more variety to the usual CQB games. This is an informal event, and shall be a night event. The event is very limited as it will only accommodate around 30 participants max.


Yuletide Greetings to All!!! (No News from 23 Until 26 December)

We would like to send everyone, especially to the readers, supporters, and sponsors of, our greetings for this season. In the past 4 months, has grown leaps and bounds, and we never expected it to grow so fast. This would not happen without you, our dear friends, for your continued support and participation ­at our site. From a small personal airsoft website project, it is adding more, including events, and other online airsoft services. May we hope you'll enjoy the season.


WebSighting: OSNAZ.Net

It has been quite awhile since the last Websighting. It's getting tougher for me to find websites of airsoft teams to present here as there's too much noise in the usual airsoft forums. But finally, we have something to show, with this great website of Team OSNAZ, which is based in Belgium and is comprised of Belgian and Dutch players (Airsoft is banned in the Netherlands and Dutch players­ have to go to Belgium to play). While some sections of the site are still under construction, the information is substantive enough to warrant presentation here (and solve my lazybone problem).