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UKARA: The Violent Crime Reduction Act - A United Approach

This document is an explanation of the effect that the above Act will have on the airsoft skirmishing community within the UK from the 1st of October 2007. Its author is not a lawyer and makes no claim to a complete and irrefutable understanding of the law. If you have any concerns regarding legal issues, you should seek advice from a qualified practitioner.

New Items at Redwolf Airsoft

RedWolf Airsoft, founded in 1998, and has offices in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and partner offices in the USA, has some new items in stock: the Marushin Five seveN USG (8mm), Inokatsu AKS74U; Inokatsu AKM; Airsoft Surgeon M700 Modern Deluxe; Prime AMT Hard Baller Metal Body Conversion Kit for WA SCW2, RWC PTW Professional Training Weapon Professional Challenge Kit M4-A1 MAX, and the RWC PTW Professional Training Weapon Professional Challenge Kit CQB-R MAX.

Craft Apple Works Benelli US Marine M1014

The Benelli Super 90 M4 also known as the M1014 Combat Shotgun is an Italian-made shotgun manufactured by Benelli Armi S.P.A. It is currently used by the United States Armed Forces as their "Joint Service Combat Shotgun". Touted in its make is the modular assembly basis of the weapon. It allows an operator to exchange the various assembly groups (barrel, buttstock, forearm, etc...) without tools. Especially useful in the field, the process is quick and allows the weapon to adapt to a changing tactical environment. Presents: OPERATION NEW HORIZON II is sponsoring a Ranger vs Marine battle of 90 men each. Operation New Horizon II is a John Lu/Best of USA Marketing event that will be held on the 15th of September 2007 in Hesperia, California. Cost of participation is US$40 for John Lu Game veterans (those who have participated in previously organised gams) and US$60 for non-veterans. Those participating as Rangers are required to wear the 3-color Woodland Camo while the Marines are required to bring MARPAT loadouts.

Kits for M4 MRP, X-47, G36C and AK Stock Adapter from Airsoft Global

Airsoft Global, an airsoft supplier with over 10 years of providing full-range airsoft products such as Tokyo Marui, Maruzen, KSC, Western Arms, TOP, Tanaka, First Factory, Systema and other assorted Japanese brands, has released today the following products: Best Gun M4 MRP Conversion Kit  (New Version), AG-K X-47 RAS Kit, Private Parts Magwell Conversion Kit For Marui/CA G36 Series, and AG-K AK Stock Adapter.


ACU Interceptor Vest at Landwarrior Airsoft

Landwarrior Airsoft has on its new items list the ACU Interceptor Vest, which is a good addition to your ACU loadout.  The real ACU interceptor vest can stop .9mm rounds but cannot stop .44 magnum ammo. The vest will stop other, slower, moving fragments and is also equipped with removable neck, throat, shoulder and groin protection. The vest has a quick-release feature in which a quick tug would drop the plates off of the vest if ever needed.

Kruskpec Philippines Releases Digital MC

To all Gucci camo lovers out there!!! Your favourite multicam camouflage has a new look and it's in a digitized pattern. The multicam look has been the prized BDU clothing by many airsoft players around the world, and a must have in any serious airsoft player's loadout. Krukspec Philippines has taken a step further and digitized the pattern, giving the pattern a pixelated look. It is selling for US$75.00 (£37.41/€55.28) and is a full BDU set (Blouse and Trousers).


Hurricane Eotech 552 Type Red/Green Dot Scope at WGC Shop

The real Eotech 552 Holographic sight is Eotech's night vision compatible, "AA" battery powered model. The Eotech 552 Holographic Diffraction Sight is the most advanced weapon sighting system in the world. Utilizing a holographic lens similar to the heads up display used in military fighter aircraft. The Hurricane Eotech 552-type being sold by WGC is basically a red/green dot sight and doesn't have holographic or night vision capabilities.

DPM Webtex MLCE Modular Vest at Flecktarn

One of the Flecktarn's August new items is the DPM Webtex MLCE Modular Vest..."The Webtex MLCE modular vest is a new concept in modular design in British DPM. The vest is designed to take MOLLE pouches and accessories with ease, yet still be able to carry traditional PLCE belt pouches easily. It does this by coupling a layer of 25mm MOLLE PALS webbing with 50mm wide webbing.

FilForce Balikatan 2007-2 OP: BASILAN FURY

Filforce will be conducting Balikatan 2007-2 OP:BASILAN FURY that simulates a joint exercise by Philippine and US Forces in the jungles of Basilan, Philippines. The opfor will represent the Abu Sayyaf Group -- a Jamiya Islamiya affiliated islamist group known for terrorist bombings in Southeast Asia such as the Bali Bombings. The event will be on 15 September 2007.