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Western Arms Colt Gold Cup Cobra SCW Ver 3

New at RedWolf Airsoft, the Western Arms Colt Gold Cup Cobra SCW Ver 3... "As seen in the movie Cobra, starring Sylvester Stallone. The movie gun is a Colt Gold Cup which features a grip with Cobra artwork, this Western Arms is a worthy replica albeit in airsoft form. The gun has all the authentic trademarks and has adjustable BoMar-Style sights. Nice details include cool-looking metal hammer and trigger as well as a tapered outer barrel, which is also made of metal.

JG H&K 416 Available At Landwarrior Airsoft

The much talked-about HK416 replica from Jing Gong is now available at Landwarrior Airsoft... "Jing Gong have very quickly become regarded as the top Chinese supplier for airsoft rifles. The build quality is second to none, they give consistant excellent performance and good reliability. The H&K 416 is no exception, the rifle comes with the proper trade marks, metal front end and... well... it's a 416!


One of the first events for the year of the Earth Rat, Operation Forged Hope by Stirling Airsoft... "In july 2006 two Dozen reconnaissance Commando's of the Uk Pathfinders Slipped into Helmand Province in Southern Afghanistan. The men were tasked to replace 150 US Infantry troops at the District Center at Musa Qaleh, a remote, crumbling old fortress of mud brick wall enhanced by cinder block, with no running amenities to speak of.

60 Round King Arms M381 HE VN Grenade Shell Box Set

The 60 Round King Arms M381 HE VN Grenade Shell Box Set  is also available at Airsoft Supplier UK... "Grenade shells used in launchers are an excellent way to spruce up your arsenal. Now with these great value packs of 3 shells, you can afford to carry more than a single shell. The M381 shell comes in a blue and grey finish, holding 60 rounds which gives a real good spread (making it about a middle capacity shell).

Latest Product Updates From King Arms

Latest products that you might want to consider for your christmas shopping just arrived from King Arms, the leading airsoft accessories maker based in Hong Kong. They have released the following: Rebar Cutter Flash Hider, Vertical Tac Grip - Dark Earth, 330 rounds magazine for Marui AUG series.  "Hi guys, 2 weeks has past since last update and we got more new stuffs for you.


South West Airsoft Trading now has the VTAC LBE Vest in stock and they are retailing it for £48.00... "The ultimate tactical platform, designed by experienced special forces operator Kyle Lamb. The VTAC LBE Vest is made from a stiffened mesh that provides the necessary structure for all your gear, yet allows air in for ventilation and breathability. The LBE Vest has our hidden document pockets and is fully compatible with our VTAC pouches plus standard molle gear.

AR 15 Lite Rail 7.0

Tactical Sense has the Daniel Defense AR 15 Lite Rail... "The Daniel Defense AR15 Lite Rail 7.0 is the lightest free float rail system to use a steel barrel nut. The Daniel Defense AR15 Lite Rail utilizes the Patent Pending Bolt Up SystemTM which allows the upper receiver to have a continuous uninterrupted upper rail platform.

Classic Army CA8-2 At Airsoft Arms

Airsoft Arms now has the Classic Army CA8-2 Airsoft Rifle... "Classic Army's CA8-2 electric airsoft rifle! Excellent platform for a marksman or sniper rifle! This gun come standard with a 510mm barrel which uses high-grade 6mm airsoft ­BB's. Muzzle velocity is approximately 320FPS right out of the box with .20 gram BBs. This gun can use mini 8.4V or mini 9.4V dual-stick bat­teries. ­It also includes the following features:


Operation Matrix II World In Conflict

Operation Matrix II, World In Conflict event is being promoted by and will be held on the 1st of December 2007... "Operation Matrix is a series of Airsoft gaming events organized by Airsoft players. Lets go back in time, relive history, hang out and have some fun with our Airsoft!" The venue will be at the Lenix Airsoft Field, Phelan, CA.  Registration is US$25.00.


Military Spoof Shirts At Tactics SOG

For some fun and be the center of attraction at your skirmish, wear some of the military spoof shirts from Tactics SOG... "Navy SALES is a spin-off of the US Navy Sea, Air, and Land (SEAL) Forces, whose unofficial motto is, 'The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday'.  Navy SEALS are the elite force of the US Navy, employed in unconventional warfare, guerrilla warfare, foreign internal defense, direct-action, counter terrorism, hostage rescue, and special reconnaissance operations.