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Ground Zero National Airsoft Weekender Photos


­Here's our initial report on the Ground Zero National Airsoft Weekender just held over the weekend (22 to 24 August 2008) in Somerley Estate, Ringwood, Hampshire. Over 1,400 players from all over the United Kingdom and Europe representing over 50 teams came to setup camp at Ground Zero Woodland, a place with lots of foliage, hills, and action. It was a well organised event giving the event a very festive mood for two nights and three days.

Advisory: Site Maintenance

Our website went down for almost two hours (started at 07:30GMT) due to a sudden system-wide downtime at our hosting provider for reasons we still don't know. Our apologies to those who visited the site during the downtime and seeing that our website wasn't appearing. This problem not only affected our website but all the websites being hosted by our provider. We'll be maintaining this advisory for this weekend in case this happens again. Hopefully everything will be smooth once the long weekend is over. Again, our apologies for this.


Popular Airsoft Magazine August 2008: CHINASOFT

It's the year for the Summer Olympics, and all eyes are on China. And that, our friends, is also our cover story. Though not exactly in Mainland China, where airsoft play is actually illegal, our Operators went to Hong Kong, the land of all things airsoft. You name what airsoft gear you want, they have it. Hong Kong is the main transit point for airsoft and thus, we give you our story on Chinasoft.


Not Your Mother’s China: JG M4 Carbine vs CA Sportline M15A4

The M4 carbine series traces its roots to the earlier versions of the M16, all based on the original AR-15 assault rifles manufactured by ArmaLite. Developed and produced for the United States government by Colt Firearms, the M4 carbine is similar to much earlier compact M16 versions, such as the 1960-era XM177 family.  Except for the very first delivery order, all US military-issue M4s have a flat-top NATO M1913-specification (Picatinny) rail on its upper receiver.

We Declare W.A.R.!!!

Hold your horses! Before you start pulling out all your AEGs and pistols and point them at us, we are declaring the World Airsoft Registry (W.A.R.) project now open. We thought about this to be able to compile and learn the number of active airsoft teams around the world and put this information into one e-book. Sort of like your school yearbook minus the freckles, braces, and retainers. No prom queens included too.

An Airsofter's DIY Medic Kit

Note: The issues and views discussed here are from experiences and research conducted by the author and should not be considered as medical advice. There are several definitions as to what first aid is. If one looks at it closely they all point to one common denominator. First aid is the provision of care by a lay person with limited skill or equipment to an injured or unwell individual. ­This article will look at first aid and the first aid kit in the context of airsofting or skirmishing.


Sneak Preview: ARES CheyTac M200 Intervention Sniper Rifle

ARES seems to be having a good time handling all those pre-orders of their AMP-DSR1 replica. But while they're in the midst of production for their mid-August release, they're also busy making another great looking airsoft replica, the CheyTac M200 Intervention.  While the AMP-DSR1 is German, this one's American and made by CheyTac LLC. Now something for all of us to think about whether to place an order for the AMP-DSR1 or wait for this one. Oh well, choices...choices.

Airsoft Hurts, When You’re Not Careful

WARNING: Some photographs below are graphic and may upset some people: Airsoft enthusiasts, as with anybody who engages in some sport or leisure activity, cannot be totally free from harm or injury. Much as we might try to protect ourselves from foreseen and potential injuries we can never be 100% certain that we will leave the skirmish site scratch-free after every skirmish.

Airsoft Research Syndicate Sorbo Pads

Ogre led us to a posting at the Filairsoft by D3nc10, and we've been trying to google for more information about this, but results are not showing up. This is a simple but interesting development, Airsoft Research Syndicate (ARS)  finally made Sorbothane applicable for airsoft. Sorbothane, which was introduced in 1982, is a synthetic viscoelastic urethane polymer which is in use in many industrial applications for shock absorption.

WebSighting: The Twin Hunter Version 2 Home Made AEG

This airsoft AEG is slowly getting some attention it deserves. It's been under the radar, but I'm posting it here to give it the boost for airsofters worldwide to view. Made by three South Korean guys, the Twin Hunter Version 2 AEG is a homegrown airsoft gun that spits bbs from twin barrels with an amazing rate of fire. I viewed the video and the first word that came out from my mouth was AWESOME!!!