Airsoft Meetup At The IWA Outdoor Classics 2017

Mingle with the airsoft industry and media during the Airsoft Meetup at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017.

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3 Weeks To Go!!!

WE ARE GETTING EXCITED! Only three weeks before RATRATAN 2007 and the reservations are just coming in. There are still slots to be filled up so come and get them! We have new sponsors that have signified their support to the event, making our raffle prizes even more for the event. The game plays are being firmed up, and we are praying to the high heavens that no freak typhoon will app­ear in th­e Pacific Ocean and ruin our day. We hope the typhoon season ends by the end of November and the wonderful December-February weather kicks in.

WebSighting: Action Games League

Reading one of the earliest Feature Articles here at PopularAirsoft, The History of Airsoft in The Philippines, written by Almighty, I came across the name of Action Games League, and other news and articles here point out that it's the oldest Airsoft group in that country. It is a very interesting group, which basically became the core group that brought about the growth of Airsoft in the Philippines, and sprang from it various groups and influences that are felt, perhaps, around the world.

RS Wiki Beta: Mauser

I asked approval from the Editor if it is possible to start posting a RS Wiki about Real Steel Manufacturers and their products that various airsoft manufacturers replicate for use by airsoft players. These series will have content taken from Wikipedia, the largest o­nline en­cyclopedia, as you are allowed to copy or modify the content as provided for in the GNU Free Documentation License. Thus, it also compiles related information provided at Wikipedia and be able to deposit these information here.


Pinzgauer Anyone?

Over the weekend, to kill time while holed-up at home amidst the downpour and cold weather, I stumbled into Depot 53's website and saw an item for sale there, the Pinzgauer High Mobility All-Terrain Vehicle. While you are always looking forward to the latest reviews on AEGs or the latest releases from the airsoft manufacturers in the Far East, might as well divert your attention to knowing some military vehicles --- wh­ich you can purchase.

WebSighting: Ares Operations, The Airsoft Mercs

Need a group who can act as an opfor for any airsoft event, milsim, (or movies?), then you've come to the right page. These guys are for hire!  ARES OPERATIONS are the first organised airsoft mercs who will surely bring life and excitement to any airsoft operation. Based in Germany, they offer their services for a variety of operational missions of any airsoft game.

WebSighting: Unit Black Division Hong Kong

Unit Black Division, a Hong Kong-based airsoft team comprised mainly of expats from different parts of the world has a well made web site. Already a well-known airsoft team in the Hong Kong scence even it is less than a year old, it's ran by veteran airsofters from the Philippines, as well as from mainland China, United Kingdom, Argentina, Macau, etc.

WebSighting: The Cimmerians

Optimus Prime asked me to look around for some interesting airsoft team websites, which now started as a WebSighting feature. I would like to invite all airsoft teams to give me a private message here if your teams have something interesting to share to readers. Sometimes I do get lazy and will surf around for airsoft team sites with well-written content, brazenly copy everything what they say about themselves, and post it here. I hope they won't shoot me for doing this.

Face Off --- Cyma 035 Vs. Boyi Kalash RK01

Editor's Note: ­FilAK Airsoft, a Philippine-based airsoft community devoted to the use of Kalashnikov airsoft replicas presents to you their review and comparison of two of the recently released AK clones --- the CYMA 035 and the Kalash (DBoys/BOYI) RK01.  Previously, AKS kits were expensive to acquire, and with the release of two low-cost ACMs, have made collecting for avid AK lovers more affordable.  This review is very comprehensive and loaded with pictures.

RATRATAN 2007 Is Now On!

MANILA, HERE WE COME!!! We'll be in town in December 2007 to cover further the Philippine airsoft scene as it is one of the most colourful and competitive airsoft scenes in the airsoft world. We are looking forward to spending the long Christmas holidays there (yes! It's the longest in the world as far as we know), so we might as well organise something for the Philippine airsofters. 

Interview: Tracerr Magazine's Daniel Romney

Tracerr Magazine, the latest airsoft e-zine to hit the web for the airsoft community, will be launching its maiden issue today, 31 October 2007. The first issue covers the TSI Armories Galil replicas, Modify Gear Set, and much more. The Magazine is a free e-zine which you can receive as long as you subscribe at their website, or if you want a print version, they can print out a copy for you for a fee.