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eHobby Asia

PTS, Dytac, Guarder & More At eHobby Asia

Time to start with the airsoft week right with this list of arrivals at eHobby Asia that you can check out. They Have the DYTAC Solo M4 Carbine, AEG, the PTS RM4 Scout ERG, and the new KJ Works SP-01 Shadow GBB Pistol. As for kits and accessories check below the the items from PTS, SVOBODA, Guarder, and Angry Gun.

TOP SR-16 URX 3.1 EBB At eHobby Asia

Another Shell-Ejecting AEG release from TOP Japan, the SR16 URX 3.1 Shell-Ejecting EBB that you can find right now at eHobby Asia... "Top (Japan) New Design Shell Ejecting Blowback System can make you enjoy the most realistic shell loading, firing, shell ejecting and Blow Back like a real steel, thus, operated by electric power. Rate of firing can be up to 11rounds per second!

eHobby Asia: TM M4 Patriot High Cycle

Also in stock at eHobby Asia is the new rapid firing AEG from Tokyo Marui... "The Tokyo Marui M4 Patriot High Cycle Series looks no different than the tried and true standard series M4, however its internals have been given a complete make-over by Marui. Featuring a hand made speed rotation motor thats achieves 25 revolutions per second, and a High Cycle Mecha-Box coupled with Top of the Line Japanese bearings.

5.11, Angry Gun, TOP, APS At eHobby Asia

A good list of new items in stock at eHobbyAsia such as tactical clothing from 5.11 Tactical, parts from APS and Angry Gun. As for airsoft guns, the TOP (Japan) SR-16 URX 3.1 Ultimate Shell Ejecting Blowback AEG is now in stock and you can display it using the SRU Prototype Gun Stand. Also in stock is the G&P Multi-Purpose Safety USB Signal Light. Click the links below to learn more:

APS CAM870 Marine Shotgun At eHobby Asia

A new APS CAM870 CO2 Shotgun variant is on the shelves of eHobby Asia. The APS CAM870 Marine Shotgun has a Metal Receiver, Metal Outer Barrel, and Metal Magazine Tube in Silver. It has Polymer Fore End and Fixed Stock. Just like the other APS CAM870 Shotguns previously released, this can hold a 4+1 shells with each shell having the capacity of 12 BBs.

EAC Hi-Capa 4.3 STI Custom 2 Mag Set

New custom gun from eHobby Asia, the EAC Hi-Capa 4.3 STI Custom 2 Mag Set is available in two versions --- Silver and 2-Tone... "The EAC Hi-Capa 4.3 STI Custom 2 Mag Set (CNC Aluminum), is a 1:1 ratio realistic gas blowback airsoft pistol. This pistol fires in Semi-automatic shooting Mode and comes with STI markings.

Marushin Super Redhawk 7.5" Revolver

The 7.5inch Marushin Super Redhawk Revolver is at a special price of US$79.99 right now at eHobby Asia. It's regular price is US$134.99... "The Super Redhawk is a line of double-action magnum revolvers made by Sturm, Ruger beginning in 1987, when Ruger started making weapons using larger, more powerful cartridges such as .44 Magnum, .454 Casull, and .480 Ruger.


Check out this video of the ICS PAR MK3 CQB MTR EBB that is now in stock at eHobby Asia... "The Czech Republic, a mid-Euro country with culture and art influenced by the Renaissance during the Middle Ages. It not only has remarkable development on culture, but also was one of hte eight world largest industrial countries between WWII. The Strong industry foundation brings the Czech Republic a good reputation of ' Small Germany'.

KWA KM4 KR AEGs At eHobby Asia

The KWA KM4 KR AEG Series are now available at eHobby Asia. All equipped with the KeyMod hanguard system you can find the KR5, KR12 and KR9 variants in stock. Only the KR14 is not available... "The KeyMod universal interface system is a new innovation in the firearm industry used for weapon ergonomics and mounting tactical accessories. The KeyMod design was developed by VLTOR Weapons Systems and was open to the public domain by Noveske Rifleworks for all manufacturers to use.

eHobby: WE M1911 SM Custom GBB Pistol

Also in stock right now at eHobby Asia is the WE M1911 SM Custom Full Metal Gas Blowback Back Pistol. With a price of US$98.00 this comes with two magazines. This does not have markings and the grip is the Seven Mills Custom Ivory Grip Version.