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eHobby Asia

eHobby: MP7 RAL8000 & AM-013 In Stock

The MP7 the comes with the official Heckler & Koch RAL8000 colour is now available at eHobby Asia. The Umarex (VFC) MP7A1 GBB Asia Edition is a sought after GBB SMG in it black form, how more now in the RAL8000? Also an AEG that many airsoft players are waiting, the Ares Airsoft/Amoeba AM-013 is also available.

eHobby Asia Guns Super Deals & Hot Items

Two news items from eHobby Asia. The first one should get you right away to their website and quickly clicking your way through the items as they are having Super Deals on airsoft guns. You get up to 45% off the retail price so better hurry before some beat you to some of the Super Deals or some might be sought after by airsoft players the stocks run out quick.

eHobby Asia: SR40 EBB & SR92 CO2 News

Earlier today, eHobby Asia posted notice that they are expecting some airsoft guns from Star Rainbow Company (SRC) which for collectors, would be good additions to their arsenal. The first one if the SRC SR02 CO2 Pistol Luxury Edition which will come in four different variants and each will come with a carry case. They are also made of CNC Stainless Steel Slide, and steel outer barrel and parts.

Bolt PMCQ, TM M870 Breacher & More

Time for some weekly updates from eHobby Asia with some new releases. A small but looking good BOLT PMCQ with BRSS Recoil System is now available together with the newly released LCT PP-19 Bizon AEG and Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher. Also in stock are the CELCIUS STORM 4.8 Motor for CTW or Systema PTW, Hephaestus Type A Custom Gas Magazine for GHK AK GBB, and Light Grey LITEBUCK Rail Mount 1913 Strobe Light. Click on the links below for more information:

Umarex MP5K PDW & More at eHobby Asia

New airsoft guns have arrived at eHobby Asia such as the Umarex MP5K PDW, the Limited Edition 30th Anniversary G&G GC16 G26/MOD 0 AEG, and the EAC-Marui Infinity Custom GBB in 2-Tone Pink. Amongs the new gear, they have the MAGPUL Google NEXUS 5 Phone Field Case Series, Haley Strategic Eyeware Series by LIQUID, and the LITEBUCK MOLLE 381 System Strobe Light in Orange and Green LED. More of these below:

EAC (Marui) G26 Pink Custom GBB

If you don't dig pink airsoft pistols, why not get one for someone who does such as your wife, your girlfriend, or a male team mate who likes pink too. The EAC (Marui) G26 Pink Custom GBB is a custom made G26 Pink GBB Pistol made by eHobby Asia based on the Tokyo Marui Glock 26 GBB Pistol... "1:1 Ratio realistic gas blow back airsoft pistol based on the (Marui) G26 Series Airsoft Gas Blow Back GBB Pistol.

eHobby asia custom work includes:

G&G Competition, KG9 GBB, & More Items

Hong Kong-based airsoft shooters who haven't signed up for the G&G World Shooting Competition HK Leg better do so now as it's going to be happening next month according to an eHobby Asia Facebook notice. Also, they have announced that they have in stock the ICS TRANSFORM4 CXP EBB Series and the EAC-Marui Hi-Capa Floral Custom GBB in 2-tone in terms of airsoft guns.

Marui Fixed Slide AEPs at eHobby Asia

The newly released Tokyo Marui Fixed Slide AEPs are now available at eHobby Asia as announced by the company for this week. They also new custom gas blowback pistols based on Tokyo Marui GBBs so better check them out before they get out stock. In tactical gear, they have the 5.11 Women Horizon Hoodie, the TRU-SPEC All Terrain Tiger Stripe Series, and the LITEBUCK Mil-Spec Side Release Buckle Strobe Light.

Action SL-MK4 AEG Series At eHobby Asia

Take your pick from the variants of the ACTION SL-MK AEG Series available right now at eHobby Asia. Based on Sterling SMG, this comes with the PTW System, which should make this shoot straight and far. Also in stock now are the GHK-LCT AK-74M Gas Blowback Rifle with the Triangle Fold Stock; EAC (WE) M&P Costa Custom GBB; Ready Fighter CNC 6061 Magazine Pad Extension for Marui Glock GBB; CED DAA RangePack Pro Backpack; and the LITEBUCK Rail Mount 1913 Strobe Light in Sand, White LED.

eHobby Asia: AAC-21 Sniper Rifle & More

It's Monday, the 7th of July 2014, and eHobby Asia have something to start our week right, they have the Action Army AAC-21 Sniper Gas Rifle now in stock. Also in this product update, they have available the Angry Gun Retractable Gas Tank Stock for Marui M870 Shotgun, and the UAC Sculptor Grip (Plastic) for Marui Hi-Capa GBB for airsoft gun upgrades.