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Check out this video of the ICS PAR MK3 CQB MTR EBB that is now in stock at eHobby Asia... "The Czech Republic, a mid-Euro country with culture and art influenced by the Renaissance during the Middle Ages. It not only has remarkable development on culture, but also was one of hte eight world largest industrial countries between WWII. The Strong industry foundation brings the Czech Republic a good reputation of ' Small Germany'.

KWA KM4 KR AEGs At eHobby Asia

The KWA KM4 KR AEG Series are now available at eHobby Asia. All equipped with the KeyMod hanguard system you can find the KR5, KR12 and KR9 variants in stock. Only the KR14 is not available... "The KeyMod universal interface system is a new innovation in the firearm industry used for weapon ergonomics and mounting tactical accessories. The KeyMod design was developed by VLTOR Weapons Systems and was open to the public domain by Noveske Rifleworks for all manufacturers to use.

eHobby: WE M1911 SM Custom GBB Pistol

Also in stock right now at eHobby Asia is the WE M1911 SM Custom Full Metal Gas Blowback Back Pistol. With a price of US$98.00 this comes with two magazines. This does not have markings and the grip is the Seven Mills Custom Ivory Grip Version.


G&P M4 RAS (Marine) AEG At eHobby Asia

The G&P M4 RAS AEG with USMC markings is in stock right now at eHobby Asia... "Truly, a CQB Weapon Electric Powered Airsoft AEG. This has full metal aluminium diecast body Airsoft Electric Gun (AEG) from G&P. Except for the Stock, Stock Pad, Pistol Grip & Foregrip, this AEG is entirely metal.


eHobby Asia: G&D M4 CQB SD DTW MAX3

In stock at eHobby Asia is the G&D M4 CQB SD DTW MAX3 AEG. Most of you probably know that this is clone of the Systema PTW and it is an affordable one if you you find the PTW out of your budget. You can use the PTW Cylinder to work with this and you can get one right now for US$305.00.


Odin Innovations, KWA & More At eHobby Asia

For this week's product updates from eHobby Asia, they announce the Odin Innovations M12 Sidewinder Speedloader as being available right now. Also listed are the KWA KM4 KR AEG Series, the Holosun PARALOW HS503GU, Angry Gun Socom556 Type C Muzzle Brake, and the UFC Tactical Rifle Bag. Click on the links below to learn more:

Tokyo Marui Biohazard Samurai Edge Standard

eHobby Asia has a video of the Tokyo Marui Biohazard Samurai Edge Standard Gas Blowback Pistol. If you are looking for this, you can go to their online store to order one... "BERETTA Model from the popular video game - BIOHAZARD. The M92F Gas Blow Back Model is target for fans & collectors because of its high detail in replicating the SAMURAI EDGE from the video game. Come standard with S.T.A.R.S.

eHobby Asia: WE Airsoft MSK AEG Rifle

eHobby Asia has this video presentation of the WE Airsoft MSK AEG Rifle... "The MSK carbine replica from WE is characterized by perfect elements fitting and and high quality external look. There are no loose parts – the whole seems to be a one solid piece. The replica was made from homogenous zinc and aluminum alloy, steel and high quality polymer.

eHobby Asia: Up To 40% Clearance Sale

eHobby Asia are having a Clearance Sale where you can find items that discounted up to 40% Off their retail prices. Apart from this, they also announce that the Marui HK416C NEG is now available including new arrivals from KWA, G&P, Odin Innovations, and Rare Arms. Click on the links to learn more.

GHK AUG GBB & More At eHobby Asia

Probably most of you already know that the GHK Steyr AUG GBB is now released and you can order one right from eHobby Asia. Apart from that you can order any of the two popular airsoft shotguns from APS and Tokyo Marui with eHobby Asia Custom releasing a Steel Remington 870 Magnum Kit for the APS version. Also available now is the Armorer Works Hi-Capa 5.1 Standard GBB Pistol and the UFC Rifle Box. Click on the links below to learn more: