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eHobby Asia

Marui Fixed Slide AEPs at eHobby Asia

The newly released Tokyo Marui Fixed Slide AEPs are now available at eHobby Asia as announced by the company for this week. They also new custom gas blowback pistols based on Tokyo Marui GBBs so better check them out before they get out stock. In tactical gear, they have the 5.11 Women Horizon Hoodie, the TRU-SPEC All Terrain Tiger Stripe Series, and the LITEBUCK Mil-Spec Side Release Buckle Strobe Light.

Action SL-MK4 AEG Series At eHobby Asia

Take your pick from the variants of the ACTION SL-MK AEG Series available right now at eHobby Asia. Based on Sterling SMG, this comes with the PTW System, which should make this shoot straight and far. Also in stock now are the GHK-LCT AK-74M Gas Blowback Rifle with the Triangle Fold Stock; EAC (WE) M&P Costa Custom GBB; Ready Fighter CNC 6061 Magazine Pad Extension for Marui Glock GBB; CED DAA RangePack Pro Backpack; and the LITEBUCK Rail Mount 1913 Strobe Light in Sand, White LED.

eHobby Asia: AAC-21 Sniper Rifle & More

It's Monday, the 7th of July 2014, and eHobby Asia have something to start our week right, they have the Action Army AAC-21 Sniper Gas Rifle now in stock. Also in this product update, they have available the Angry Gun Retractable Gas Tank Stock for Marui M870 Shotgun, and the UAC Sculptor Grip (Plastic) for Marui Hi-Capa GBB for airsoft gun upgrades.

A&K PTW & Marui M870 M4 Stock Preview

eHobby Asia gives us a preview of the M4 Stock for Marui M870 which should be availabe soon at their online store. Apart from that, they have some new arrivals and product restock such as the A&K M4 PTW with the M130 Cylinder, G&P Free Float Recoil System MOTX Tactical AEG, and the Marushin X Cartridge 6mm Police Revolver Series.

eHobby Asia: G&P MOTX EBB & SERS AKM

The new G&P F.F. Recoil System AEG - MOTX is now available at eHobby Asia as they announce the new arrivals at their store for this week. Also included in the list are the SERS AKM AEG (S-M), fully licensed Umarex ARX-160 EBB AEG, the newly released G&G GSS AEG, UAC CNC Hi-Capa GBB Cocking Type B, and the LITEBUCK MOLLE 381 System Strobe Light. More details below.

15% OFF Deals for Dads At eHobbyAsia

Apart from the ongoing Deals for Dads Father's Day promo from eHobby Asia, we get to see another SERS AK AEG and more products from their online store. They have EAC-WE SAI Costa Custom GBB Series, TONIC AIRSOFT MP7 Rail for Umarex/VFC/New Wave MP7 GBB, High Speed Gear Gas Mask Pouch in Multicam, and the LITEBUCK Rail Mount 1913 Strobe Light. Click on the links provided below to go to their respective product pages.

eHobby Asia 15 Days of Deals for Dads!

eHobby Asia announced yesterday a great promo deal for dads and fathers everywhere. They are having a "15 Days of Deals for Dads!" as their Father's Day Special to their customers. A discounts of 15% can be availed of for all the items they have in stock, with the exception of airsoft guns which will be at 10% off with the promo ending on the 18th of June 2014.

"Terms and Conditions:

MSM Skull Mask Multi-Wrap (Urban)

Looking for a look as shown in the photo above? You're in luck as eHobby Asia have in stock the MSM Skull Mask Multi Wrap Urban Version which is a Multi-purpose camouflage scrim scarf. It is made of cotton which is a breathable elastic material and offers both color protection and super cool look with the printed skull design. It can be worn around neck and head. It is lightweight but yet can keep you protection from the cool weather.

eHobby Asia: Super Deals & SERS AK AEG

Apart from their ongoing Super Deals on Clearance which started last week, there are new items that have arrived at eHobby Asia. New airsoft gun arrivals are the SERS AK Full Tactical AEG, A.P.S. ASR-112 Guardian Combat EBB Advance Special Rifle, A.P.S. Urban Assault Rifle AEG in A-TACS FG, and the SAPH Custom Race Gun ARO-TEK G17.

eHobby Asia Super Deal on Clearance

Ain't this weekend a fantastic one for airsofters? Retailers left and right are having their Memorial Day Weekend Sale so you get to choose the best deal you can find this weekend if you're not out there on the skirmish field playing with your mates. Even sweeter is eHobby Asia's SUPER DEAL on CLEARANCE which would confuse you at first, but if you see discounts of up to 55% off the retail price, that becomes clear as day. So check which item you fancy is on deal offer.