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eHobby Asia

eHobby: 5.11 Online & Marui 3 Days Sale

For all fans of Tokyo Marui and airsoft players who want to own a Tokyo Marui airsoft gun, as well as 5.11 Tactical Bags and Packs, it's good news for you. eHobby Asia are having pop up sales for both brands starting with the 5.11 Online Special where bags and packs are available at 20% off by using the code in the poster below.

eHobby Asia: A.P.S. Phantom Extremis AEG

A quick demo by eHobby Asia of the new APS Phantom Extremis AEGs that they have in stock... "APS New Phantom Extremis Rifle (PER) is a future weapon for Airsoft friends. Its appearance looks sci-fi, the design of the body receiver is coming from the idea of a spaceship. We put all the advance features like Ambi switches and button for the players.

Satellite HAYAMAKI Fast Winding Patch

Are your fingers already sore winding high capacity AEG magazines? Here is a tool that will always be on you that is available at eHobby Asia, the Satellite Hayamaki Fast Winding Patch. Since it's patch with a velcro base you can always have it attached to your gear which has velcro areas for patches. We won't recommend to you using this with your magazine in your airsoft gun so make sure to wind magazines that you will put into your mag pouch.

eHobby Asia: KA MDT Rifles & New Items

Latest product news from eHobby Asia this week show the availability of the MDT rifles from King Arms, the Umarex Beretta APX and Walther P99 DAO CO2 blowback pistols, as  well as the EAC STI Custom GBB. As for gear and tools, now in stock are the Fobus Dual Mag Pouch, Leatherman Charge TI Pocketool, and the 5.11 Sierra Bravo Duty Belt Plus. Click on the links below to learn more:

Wheeler Delta Series AR Armorer’s Kit

eHobby Asia got the Wheeler Delta Series AR Professional Armorer's Kit that serious gunsmiths might want to have with them all the time... "The Wheeler Delta Series AR Armorers Professional Kit contains all of the tools a gunsmith or armorer needs to complete a full rifle build, make repairs or perform maintenance on AR-15/M16 platform rifles.

eHobby: Avalon M4 Calibur Carbine DX

Premium AEG under VFC's Avalon brand, the Avalon M4 Calibur DX is now in stock at eHobby Asia... "TheAvalon (VFC) M4 Calibur Carbine DX AEG, the newest kid on the block, comes with full metal Receiver and high quality engravings. The extendable QRS stock allows you to adjust the length of rifle to fits your body! Comes with a 120 round Mid capacity QRS magazine.

eHobby: EMG-SAI GRY AR15 PTW Project

eHobby Asia sends in news about the EMG Salient Arms Licensed GRY AR15 PTW Project or the G&PxFCC, Long Version is available to order... "The Salient Arms International GRY AR-15 rifle lives at the cutting edge of firearm design. Developed by the master craftsmen at Salient, the GRY offers a unique choice for the discerning customer in a sea of cookie cutter AR-15s.

eHobby: Avalon M4 Saber Carbine DX AEG

eHobby Asia announce the availability of the Avalon (VFC) M4 Saber Carbine DX AEG in black colour at their online store... "The Avalon (VFC) M4 Saber Carbine DX AEG (Black), comes with a full metal Receiver and high quality engravings. With an extendable QRS stock it allows you to adjust the length of the rifle that fits your body! Comes with a 120 round Mid capacity QRS magazine.

King Arms MDT TAC21 At eHobby Asia

eHobby Asia sends in news that the King Arms MDT Tac21 Rifle is now available to order... "The TAC21 Tactical is a Gas Sniper Rifle and an official licensed product with full trademarks and logo from Modular Driven Technologies (MDT). The TAC21 Chassis System is CNC Machined from aviation grade Aluminum with Anodized finishing. CNC engraved MDT TAC21 marking and unique serial number.

eHobby Asia Military Christmas Sale 2016

We are seeing more and more airsoft retailers jump into the Holiday spirit as they start their Christmas promotions. eHobby Asia join in as they announce their Military Christmas Sale that started yesterday and they are offering of 12% off for all items, up to 70% off for EA deals, and 20% off for 5.11 Tactical items...