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S&T DSR-1 & More Arrivals At eHobby Asia

The S&T DSR-1 Gas-powered Airsoft Sniper Rifle is now available at eHobby Asia along with other airsoft gun releases from KSC, CYMA, and APS. Apart from those, they also received weapons accessories from Asura Dynamics, Holosun, and Strike Industries. Click on the links below to learn more:

eHobby Asia: UFC Shooting Range Rifle Box

For the serious gunsmith who wants all his/her tools in just one box to bring to the field or the range, the affordable UFC Shooting Range Rifle Box is just the thing. Now available at eHobby Asia for US$37.50 and it s selling like hot cakes, so hurry up before it goes out of stock...

CYMA MP5J AEG At eHobby Asia

In stock at eHobby Asia is the CYMA MP5J AEG, probably the second MP5J airsoft version after the Tokyo Marui MP5J AEG. This has a full metal 200 round magazine, a retractable stock, and a movable cocking lever and bolt cover. It also comes with an adjustable hop-up and rear sight whilst an 8.4v twin-type battery can be fitted in the handguard.

Cybergun Taurus PT92 & More At eHobby Asia

One of the new arrivals at eHobby Asia this week is the Cybergun Taurus PT92 CO2 Pistol. Apart from that there are more airsoft guns Cybergun, and weapons accessories from APS, Mafioso Airsoft, AIP and Dytac. Links are provided below for you to learn more about these.

eHobby Asia 10% Off Airsoft Sale Reminder

If you haven't heard of this chance to stretch your airsoft shopping budget, then here it is again. eHobby Asia are having an airsoft sale this October and those who order from their online store will get 10% off their purchases... "Customers order from eHobby Online Store will enjoy 10% OFF!

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eHobby: Angry Gun SCAR Gen II Stock Adapter

In stock right now at eHobby Asia are the Angry Gun Scar Gen II Stock Adapters for those who want to install another type buttstock to their SCAR airsoft rifles. These are CNC'd metal with black anodised coating with laser marking. You can install a 6-position sliding stock with QD sockets on both sides. You can select versions for the WE GBB, VFC AEG, and the Tokyo Marui NEG.

eHobby Asia: KJW Special Limcat Custom

In stock right now at eHobby Asia is the KJ Works Special Limcat Custom Blowback Pistol. A limited edition C02-powered airsoft pistol, this is a KJ Works KP-08 Pistol with Limcat Custom markings. It has a powerful kick that they recommended holding it with both hands when firing. It comes with a 28-round dual power magazine, white dot sights, and adjustable hop-up.

eHobby Asia 10% Off Airsoft Sale

Another chance to get more bang for the buck with eHobby Asia as they announce another airsoft sale. For this promo, you get to have 10% off your orders if you purchase via the eHobby Asia online store... "Customers order from eHobby Online Store will enjoy 10% OFF!

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KJ Works KP-06 GBB At eHobby Asia

In stock at eHobby Asia is a Limited Edition KJ Works KP-06 Gas Blowback Pistol in OD and comes with a Gas CO2 Magazine. This is full metal, with both the slide and frame made ofe metal and the slide comes with Infinity markings. It has a fibre-optic sights and a 20mm Picatinny under rail. This package comes with 1 C02 and 1 Gas Magazine.

A&K M249 MKI Minimi DE At eHobby Asia

Now in stock at eHobby Asia is the A&K M249 MKI FN Minimi AEG in Dark Earth. A replica of the Classic Army M249 model, it is a heavy support weapon to carry as it is over 5kg. It comes with a full metal receiver, auto winding electric box magazine that carries 2,400 rounds, and a metal foldable bipod.