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eHobby Asia

Umarex UMP9 GBB & More At eHobby Asia

The week is young and eHobby Asia got some items for you think over before purchasing. They now have the Umarex H&K UMP9 Gas Blowback SMG OEM by VFC in stock. Other airsoft guns are arrivals from Tanaka Works, A&K, Cybergun and an M203 from S&T. Accessories and parts that arrived are from Aimpoint, Xcortech, UAC, and Army Force with links to their product pages provided.

SI Viper Mod1 Carbine Stock At eHobby Asia

Available in FDE and Black, the Strike Industries Viper Mod 1 Carbine Stock can be ordered right now from eHobby Asia... "Strike Industries drop-in replacement buttstock for AR/15/M16 carbine using mil-spec sized receiver extension tubes. The Viper stock integrates features sought by military professionals and firearms enthusiasts around the world.

EMG SAI GBB & New Items At eHobby Asia

A long list of newly stocked items at eHobby Asia as they sent in news that fully-licensed EMG SAI GRY M4 GBB is now available at their online store. Other new airsoft guns are the VFC KAC SR25 GBB and the Armorer Works Hybrid Hi-Capa 5.1 Gas Blowback Pistol. Other products in stock are from Holosun, Mafioso Airsoft, Strike Industries, Detonator, and Army Force.

eHobby Asia Summer End Sale & New Products

The King Arms Black Rain Ordnance Series are now available at eHobby Asia as they get some brand new products and custom guns for airsoft playes to snap up. Even the new Cybergun AF-2011 Double Barrel GBB Pistol is in stock. Other products that have arrived are those from Strike Industries, Hexmag, and APS.

eHobby Asia Back To School Sale 2016

With the new school year about to open Back to School Sales are now available, even for airsoft. So after buying all your school stuff and still got something left to do some airsoft shopping, eHobby Asia are having their Back to School Sale with discounts at 10% off your purchases.

EAC KSC Custom CZ75 & Summer End Sale

Check out the new items in stock right now at eHobby Asia. They have a new custom gun, the EAC-KSC CZ Gas Blowback Pistol and it also comes in a special case. As for the other airsoft weapons, they now have the new Cybergun FN SCAR-L GBB in stock as well as the SEALS Grenade Launcher. As for gear and accessories, they got deliveries from ASG, Tru-Spec, and Pro-Win.

eHobby Asia: Arsenal Firearms AF2011 GBB

eHobby Asia posted photos of the airsoft version of the Arsebal Firearms AF-2011 Prismatic Dueller Double Barrel Pistol, the first double barreled pistol in the world based in the 1911 design. What we know is that is licensed to be manufactured by Cybergun. We do not know who is the OEM of this pistol, but if you want the trademarks and other features of the AF-2011, this is the airsoft CO2 blowback pistol to buy.

This Week's Product Arrivals At eHobby Asia

A bunch of new items have arrived at eHobby Asia this week. They got the Tokyo Marui Spring Revolver, the WE Airsoft M712 GBB Pistol, and the Rare Arms SR-25ER Shell Ejecting Gas Blow Back Rifle for airsoft guns. And they got upgrade parts and weapons accessories from Angry Gun, PTS Syndicate, and Armorer Works.

Also, don't forget about their ongoing Summer End Sale to get more discounts. Click the links below to learn more:

EAC Desert Eagle .50AE GBB Cerakote DE

eHobby Asia, through their EAC division, announce the availability of the EAC Desert Eagle .50AE Cerakote DE. Based on the Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle Gas Blowback pistol, this has been given the Cerakote gun coating treatment, which is the trend in many airsoft gun offerings these days. If you get to own this one, better have strong wrists as the recoil of this big hand cannon is strong.

Obliterator Hexcam Viral Mod1 MK7 Set

Damn! A camo with a name that's sure to make the OPFOR's knees quake in their knees, the Obliterator Hexcam Viral Mod1 MK7 Combat Uniform Set is now at eHobby Asia... "The MK7 is a versatile camouflage that focuse on the ability to look different according to ambient light and color in jungle environments.