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eHobby Asia

Custom T21 GBB & More At eHobby Asia

As they have announced last week, eHobby Asia now have in stock the newly released Hephaestus Custom Project T or their limited edition TAR-21 Gas Blowback Bullpup Rifle. Other airsoft guns that have arrived are the ICX CXP Transform 4, ICS CXP15 RIS, and the Umarex/Stark Arms PPQ M2 Navy Duty Kit. Gun accessories that arrived are the Holosun HS401ARA INFINITI Red Dot Sight with Red Laser, GunsModify Aluminum CNC Blow Back Housing and the GHK Aluminum Keymod MOD1 for GHK M4 GBB.

Hephaestus Custom Project T At eHobby Asia

The Hephaestus Custom Project T, which you probably know by now as the Hephaestus Custom TAR 21 Gas Blowback Rifle is now being shipped to retailers and eHobby Asia now have it in stock. This is a 6mm Gas Blow Back Airsoft Bullpup Assault Rifle with Semi/Full Auto Shooting mode. It uses the GHK Gas BlowBack system with all custom parts made from CNC machining.

eHobby Asia: 5.11 Days & New Items

Take the chance of getting 20% off on 5.11 Tactical products at eHobby Asia with their 5.11 Days Promo by using the "511Days" coupon code. As for new items check the new releases from G&P, LCT Airsoft, RA-Tech, Xcortech, Dytac, and Mayflower. Just click on the links provided below the poster:

eHobby Asia Seasonal Sale & New Items

eHobby Asia are having their Seasonal Sale with up to 30% off the regular price of items. Apart from that they have some new and restock airsoft guns such as the G&P M249 AEG, Umarex UMP GBB, the new Marui Samurai Edge Biohazard Revelations 2 - Barry Burton Model Ver II, Webley WG Mark VI 6mm BB CO2 Revolver, and the Knights's Armament Airsoft (Madbull) URX4. As for tactical gear and accessories now available now are the EDGE Overlord Tactical Eyewear Kit, Hazard 4 Combat Skin Diver I.D.

LALO Tactical Official Video Asia Version

Now at the eHobby Asia YouTube Channel is the official video of LALO Tactical which they now carry at their online store... "LALO Tactical makes uncommon footwear for the common man and woman who strive to do uncommon things. We make the most technologically advanced products for the military and beyond. Our collection is Navy Seal tested and approved.

APS "Art of Stipple" Series at eHobby Asia

Now in stock at eHobby Asia are the "Art of Stippling" series from APS. Take your selection of GBB Pistol Lower Frame for the APS ACP601 and ACP A CAP pistol grips or pistol grps for the M4/M16 AEGs, APS ASR Tango, and even a pistol grip with a QD sling attachment. Prices range from US$25.00 to US$36.00.

Barry Burton Model Ver II At eHobby Asia

The Limited Edition Version 2 of the Samurai Edge Barry Burton Model from Tokyo Marui is now in stock at eHobby Asia... "Barry Burton Model from the popular video game - BIOHAZARD. The M92F Gas Blow Back Model is target for fans and collectors because of its high detail in replicating the SAMURAI EDGE from the video game. Comes standard with S.T.A.R.S. Raccooon Police Badge on Grip and engraved S.T.A.R.S.

eHobby Asia Easter Sales Final Call

It's the final notice from eHobby Asia for their ongoing Easter Sales. The 15th of April 2015 will be the last day for the sale with 10% taken off the prices of Airsoft Guns and 15% off accessories. Better hurry before the window closes or the supplies have run out if you intend on purchasing from them.

RA-Tech AAC300 & New Items At eHobby Asia

The NPAS version of the RA-Tech Custom WE M4 AAC300 10.75 Inch GBB is now available at eHobby Asia as part of a new batch of items that arrived at their store. Other airsoft guns included the Apple Airsoft 98K Professional Gas Rifle with Real Wood and the WinGun 6inch CO2 High Power 6mm Magnum Revolver. More airsoft accessories and gear are available too such as from SPEED Airsoft, LED Lenser, Platatac, Hazard 4, and 5.11 Tactical.

eHobby Asia Easter Sales & New Items

eHobby Asia are having an Easter Sales ongoing right now. Airsoft guns are at 10% off with accessories at 15% off. As for the new items, they now have the VFC VFC M40A5 Gas Sniper Rifle DX, KSC M4 RIS GBB Rifle, and the WG 4inch CO2 High Power Magnum Revolver.