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eHobby Asia

Shell Ejecting XR25 GBBR At eHobby Asia

The made in Taiwan Rare Arms Shell-Ejecting XR25 Enhanced Carbine GBB-R is now in stock at eHobby Asia. A unique airsoft rifle for now, this is a semi-automatic firing CO2-powered gun with the CO2 bottle stored in the pistol grip. The receiver is metal with a stainless bolt carrier and ambidextrous fire selector. The magazine can take in a max of 15 rounds.

eHobby Asia: VFC HK417 GBB Asia Edition

The Asia Edition of the VFC/Umarex HK417 Gas Blowback Rifle is now available at eHobby Asia... "The Umarex H&K Full Metal 417 (VFC) is high quality to Umarex’s GBB, Officially licensed by H&K. The receiver has been engraved with HK trademarks, CNC produced. The 417 is the 7.62 caliber version of the H&K 416 which and is typically designed for DMR roles. The most obvious differences between the 417 and the 416 are the magazine and lower receiver.

eHobby Asia Chinese New Year Firesales 2015

It's going to be the Chinese New Year tomorrow (already started in Asia). Most airsoft retail shops in Hong Kong and locations are closed to celebrate the New Year with only their online shops taking orders. eHobby Asia, to observe the festivities are having their firesale... "Chinese New Year FIRESALES @eHobby Asia! To Celebrate Chinese New Year, All Selected Item will be accompanied upto 45% OFF.

eHobby Asia: KSC Vz61 Suppressor

In stock right now at eHobby Asia is the SpearArms KSC Vz61 Suppressor which adds more heft to the gas blowback airsoft machine pistol... "Fully replicates the manual functions and outward figure of a real Vz61 Sound Suppressor. CNC machined aluminum structure with 100% replicated Non-threaded locking machanism. The perfect product of ultimate realism.

CTW MX 5 Limited Edition At eHobby Asia

As announced last time the Limited Edition CELCIUS Custom CTW Tundra MX 5 are now in stock at eHobby Asia. Also for this week's airsoft guns are the Dark Earth Umarex H&K MP7A1 GBB Submachine Gun, CAW Woodsman Match Target with Elliason Model Gun, and the PPS M870 Pump Action Gas Shotgun.

LALO Tactical Shadow Intruder Boot

eHobby Asia are now stockists of LALO tactical footwear starting with this LALO Tactical Shadow Intruder Boot Desert Version... "The Ultimate Special Forces Tactical Boot. The Intruder has all the features of the Amphibian, minus the drainage ports.

Custom Wire Cutter & Ceramic Coating CTWs

The Warsport Wirecutter/LVOA Rail System with Rail Bungee is now in CTWs made by Celcius Technologies. Now in stock at eHobby Asia, these limited edition CTWs also sport Ceramic Coating, use the CNC Reformation gearbox, Magpul MOE Pistol Grip, MOE Trigger Guard, and the Celcius Dynamic IECU. Click the links below to learn more.

PPS M870 Gas Shotgun At eHobby Asia

Now in stock at eHobby Asia is the PPS M870 Pump Action Airsoft Gas Shotgun which you can order for US$240.00... "Professional Precise Serious (PPS), a Hong Kong based manufacturer, which launched a new M870 police magnum airsoft shotgun and the design is based on Tanaka M870. Full Metal body, fore-end and stock made by reinforced plastic material. Also the after- market steel parts will be available soon.

CAW M2019 Blaster & More at eHobby Asia

We'll have to race you to this airsoft version as we're absolute fans of the 1982 Cult-Classic, Blade Runner, featuring Harrison Ford which we consider as one of the best sci-fi flicks of all time. As Rick Deckard, Harrison Ford, used this gun in the movie to hunt down replicants which have been banned on Earth but used in the dangerous menial jobs in the space colonies. This is now available at eHobby Asia.

Hephaestus Custom Project T Sneak Peek

A gas blowback Tavor! That's what Project T of Hephaestus Airsoft is all about as shown by eHobby Asia in this video. We don't know what body they are using as two companies make the Tavor AEG, S&T and Ares Airsoft. The sneak peek shows it being fired in action and no information how far they are in the project.