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eHobby Asia

2015 New Products at eHobby Asia

Time for some new product updates from eHobby Asia as they usually send their list on a Monday. In terms of airsoft guns, they announce that they now have the King Arms M4 TWS Alpha CQB 7 Inch Elite AEG, a custom EAC MOE Carbine GBB Custom in Dark Earth and based on the GHK M4 GBB, ICS PAR MK3 Rifle MTR 16.75 Inch EBB AEG, the KTW Ithaca M37 Sawed Off Full Metal Shotgun RIOT Version, SRU SR-34 MECHANIC Tactical GBB Pistol, and the SAPH Custom Race Gun - STI Custom Shop Open in Silver.

CAW M3A1 Grease Gun Model Cap SMG

This CAW M3A1 Grease Gun Model Cap SMG which is available at eHobby Asia for US$415.00 looks really fun to shoot. Not really skirmishable but can be a good prop gun and it is made of ABS and Metal Construction. It has a realistic shooting action with blowback, shell ejection and muzzle smoke which cap guns are known more. This a hard to find item and collectors will need to act quickly to own one of these.

Celcius Reformation Hop Up & Chamber

eHobby Asia released this video showing us the Celcius Reformation Hop-Up and Chamber. This is designed for PTWs, CTWs, and GDWs with its one piece simple design making it easier to install and giving you what they claim to be a 100% air seal... "CELCIUS Reformation Hop Up & Chamber Installation. Look at how easy to install and do the maintenance when you use this!"

KY Custom SAI Remington 870 Pre-Order

eHobby Asia are now accepting pre-order for the KY Custom SAI Remington 870 Shotgun... "Made in Canada. This is a 1/1 Scale High Performance Assembled CO2 Gas Powered Shotgun. The EA custom Tactical Upgrade Works included the Magpul MOE polymer Handguard (Magpul462) that is designed to provide a much-needed adaptability with the attachment of optional MOE accessories and mounts.

Take Your Pick w/ eHobby Pick 2015

Having a hard time on which deal you want to take when shopping at eHobby Asia? They now made itg easier for you as they have some tiered discounting on certain products and models they have in stock. The best thing is that the deals start from 10% off up to 50% Off. Which lines and brands are these? Check the poster below and start shopping at their site now.

eHobby New Year Mega Sales Last Chance

eHobby Asia are giving a last call on their New Year Mega Sale 2015. Take a look at what they have available in big discounts with their clearance section of up to 60% off, selected brands up to 50% Off, and whatever they have in stock not covered by the bigger discounts at 12% off. If you still have some Christmas money remaining, you might want to splurge on what they have for you.

eHobby Shooting Course in Thailand

A departure from the usual airsoft videos by eHobby Asia as they show also that they are also into real steel stuff. This video shows the eHobby Asia crew going to Thailand to undertake a real steel shooting course which includes not just some target shooting, but defensive handgun practices. Next time you see someone from eHobby Asia, you'l find out they know their real steel apart from airsoft.

eHobby Asia 2015 Mega Sale Now On!

With the year of the Wood Sheep now in effect, eHobby Asia helps start the year with their eHobby Asia 2015 New Year Mega Sale. Take a look at what they have available in big discounts with their clearance section of up to 60% off, selected brands up to 50% Off, and whatever they have in stock not covered by the bigger discounts at 12% off.

Mega Sale Upgrade at eHobby Asia

If you haven't heard of it, here it is again. eHobby Asia are having their 2014 Holiday and Xmas Mega Sales. You have opportunities of saving of up 60% off, especially with the Clearance Items. Also certain brands are at a big discount too such as Litebuck, Hazard 4, Tru-Spec, and G&G Armament. Find more about it right now.

Cybergun FNX45 GBB & Mag at eHobby Asia

The sought after Cybergun FNX-45 Gas Blowback Pistol is now in stock again at eHobby Asia. They also have spare magazines available to go with it. The stocks may just get snapped up quickly by airsoft players as this is one desireable gas blowback pistol. Also, don't forget about their 2014 Holiday & X'mas Mega Sales.