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Ice Cold Combat With TM AKS74U NEG

Last Stand Gamers have a CQB gameplay video taken last the weekend even with the temperature dropping to freezing... "More CQB gameplay at an old abandoned military base. With snow on the ground and temperatures dipping into the negative, making for some intense but slippery CQB action. This time I am running my ruthless backup gun configured exactly like its GHK brother with micro RMR Red dot.

Gear Info:

Super Reality Vintage AKs74u GBB Custom

It's back to what Bunny Workshop does best, making custom gas blowback rifles on Soviet/Russian weapons design. Using as base the GHK Aks74u GBB Airsoft Rifle, their output is the Bunny Custom Super Reality Vintage AKs74u GBB Assault Rifle. This has fully vintage refinishing of Body and Wood, with serieal number engraved, and comes with a special "Bakelite" finish magazine.

Evike [The Gun Corner]: JG AKS74U EBB

We're seeing more Jing Gong AEGs appearing again and in this episode of's "The Gun Corner" Matt talks about the JG AKS74U with Electric Blowback. This has real wood and real steel material and compatible with Tokyo Marui AK AEG magazines, though not the New Gen AK magazines. Price is at a very reasonable US$155.00.

Laylax: Next Gen AKS74U Keymod Handguard

To be available in September 2015 at Laylax is the Next Generation AKS74U KeyMod Rail Handguard. It has a Picatinny standard rail on top for mounting optics and it's relatively easy to mount a mini battery via the top side. This is mainly compatible with the Tokyo Marui Next Generation AKS74U AEG with Blowback and Recoil.

E&L Airsoft AK74SU AEG Review

Ryan reviews the E&L Airsoft AKS74U AEG for HTIS Media... "Built to tactical specifications set by the Soviets to create a fully automatic carbine, the AK74SU is a more compact sibling of the main Kalashnikov family; produced by E&L, a real steal manufacturer of the Russian weapons, known for both their quality and durability.

Evike: KWA AK74SU & KZ61 Coming Soon

In this episode of "The Gun Corner" gives us a sneak preview of two exciting gas blowbacks that will be coming soon from KWA. In recent days, you have been hearing about the KZ61 GBB which is KWA's take on the VZ61 Škorpion a popular machine pistol amongst airsoft players. Also being fired with a nice blowback action is the KWA AKS74U GBB. Two close quarters airsoft weapons from KWA that will surely spice up any CQB facility.

Mach Sakai's KSC AKS74U GBB Review

Having been impressed by the KSC M4 Magpul Gas Blowback Rifle, Mach Sakai reviews another Gas Blowback Rifle from the same company --- the KSC AKS74U Gas Blowback Rifle. He finds the recoil enjoyable but the sights are not well sighted so you'll have to spend more time zeroing it in as it is not accurate at first. Overall it's a much enjoyable airsoft GBB with a nice finishing.

E&L Airsoft AKS74U Full Steel AEG

Augh! We may have to dole up some cash for another AKS74U AEG which we are having too many due to is being a handy and well-made, almost regardless of brand. But the E&L Airsoft AKS74U Full Steel AEG, already making a name for having durable and well-made AK AEGs, may just deserve the bucks you're going to throw at it. It's now in stock at RedWolf Airsoft.

Tokyo Marui Light Pro AKS74U Giveaway

Want to win of this nice baby from Tokyo Marui courtesy of Booligan Airsoft and supported by AirSplat? Mechanics are just simple as you all you need to do is follow Booligan's instructions... "Want to win this gun? Subscribe to the Booligan Airsoft and Airsplat Youtube channels and I'll be picking a winner on January 1, 2014!"

Custom Africa-Style AKS74U GBB

Another custom work from Bunny Workshop showing what they can an "African-Style" AKS74U Gas Blowback rifle that they have given the weathered look for a vintage looking GBB on the wood and steel body. It comes with a custom bakelite magazine, been given an fine tuning internally, and with what they call Special Africa decoration which is basically the band and the prayer beads.