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ASGI's 24-Hour Milsim Game Prep Tips #1

Going to your first milsim event? It is not your usual airsoft game and you better be prepared when going to one. Don't worry Airsoft GI got you on this and they have video series on how to gear up for a 24-hour milsim game with part 1 about researching and planning for the OPFOR loadout.

Airsoft GI: Classic Army M132 Micro Gun

Many are waiting for this, as it is a more affordable mini-gun. Airsoft GI presents the Classic Army M132 Micro Gun and they are now taking pre-orders with an EYA of the end of May 2015. As for the price, it is US$699.99... "Classic Army is a leading manufacturer of Airsoft products, setting standards for the entire industry. Classic Army produced the first full metal production M4 and MP5 AEGs.

USAirsoft: BB Wars OP Dawnbraker Part 1

First part of the gameplay footage from USAirsoft as Airsoft GI continue with their BB Wars Series. This leg of the series for this year, Operation Dawnbreaker and sponsored by Elite Force, took place at the District-14 Airsoft Site in Texas last 12 March 2017. Visit the Airsoft GI website to find out what other dates and locations they have for the BB Wars.

Airsoft GI's Full Auto Lotto Promo

Win a Galac-Tac Armour worth US$20,000 and other custom airsoft guns from Airsoft GI with their Full Auto Lotto Promo... "To give you an added incentive for doing some shopping, Airsoft GI is giving you a chance to get free prizes. If you make an online order with Airsoft GI, you will get a free Airsoft GI Giveaway passcode. Enter the passcode here and if you win, Airsoft GI will send your prize in an order totally free. So Join NOW! It's FREE & EASY!"

ASGI's Ares Amoeba Striker Warning

Airsoft GI has this PSA video warning airsoft players on the Ares Amoeba Striker Airsoft Sniper Rifles... "In the interest of the continued safety of our customers, fans, and the community at large, we felt it was our duty to clarify a few things given recent developments:

Airsoft GI Custom Shikaku Carbine AEG

Airsoft GI got this nifty looking custom gun now up for sale at their online store. The Airsoft GI Custom Shikaku Carbine AEG is based on a VFC M4 AEG with a very eclectic use of of parts and accessories from different brands such as Action Army, Lonex, Prometheus, E&L Airsoft, Magpul, MadBull Airsoft, G&Gm and more.


Airsoft GI: KWA VM4A1 Airsoft Gun Overview

Josh of Airsoft GI gives us an overview of the latest AEG in the KWA family, the KWA VM4A1 AEG... "The new KWA VM4A1 Carbine is the latest addition to the AEG ranks. This new model however, boasts KWA’s new Variable Performance System (VPS), which takes the standard AEG to a new level of efficiency.

Airsoft GI: Classic Army Nemesis Overview

Airsoft GI are now taking pre-orders for the Classic Army Nemesis AEG and here is there overview of the rifle... "The Classic Army Nemesis series of AEGs was designed to give players of any caliber the ultimate tool to take down the opposition. Classic Army took the best parts of the SCARAB line and turned it into your enemy's worst nightmare.

Airsoft GI: Win A Free KRISS Vector AEG

You have heard about the Krytac Registration Sweepstakes where you get the chance to win a Krytac KRISS Vector AEG when you register any new Krytac product purchase. Airsoft GI tells you more about this promo, and you can order Krytac products from there being one of the authorized dealers.

Airsoft GI's Operation Dawnbreaker Event

A video called "A New Rebel Dawns" from Airsoft GI for their Operation Dawnbreaker event set for the 12th of March... "After a long conflict drawn out of the course of several years, the Empire has finally taken over, eradicated the rebel movement, and taken back the land stolen by the vigilante usurper Bob The Axeman.