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You Might Need This Bag If You Don’t Want Stinking Clothes To Bring Home


I’m already sold to what this bag does. But if they make a tacticool version, I’ll be in love with the company behind this. Not yet on the market as it is raising funds on Kickstarer, Paqsule is a bag that can “deodorize, sanitize and kill bacteria, keeping your bag and everything inside smelling FRESH!”

For athletes and airsoft players, they always need to deal with stinking clothes after a long day under the sun, rain, mud, and whatever elements that they play under. The answer usually is to have another bag to separate the dirty ones. But what if we get to have a bag that makes them sanitized so we don’t have to smell the stink before getting home and stuffing them into the washing machine?

Paqsule is almost like a portable sanitizing machine that it uses UV (ultraviolet) and O3 (Activated Oxygen) to sanitize the contents of the bag with 15, 25 and 35 minute cleaning cycle options. By pressing the button on the bag or the mobile app (why need one, really?) the process starts with the UV-C light killing odor-causing bacteria and pathogens. The O3 helps in the process and after the O3 dissipates, the contents will become smelling fresh. The only thing that it does not do is remove any dirt or mud that cling to the clothes or shoes and these will require hand or machine washing to get them off.

If you are always travelling and just have a limited set of clothes, the Paqsule should keep your clothes fresh while on the road. It is TSA compatible and looks like it meets the dimensions to be allowed as a handcarry luggage when flying.

Sold already? Well, that’s not all. You can also pack in your laptop as well and there is a rechargeable battery that can also charge your mobile devices via a USB port.

The Paqsule, when released, is not going to be cheap as the makers are looking into a retail price of US$349. But if you pledge at least US$229 on Kickstarter, then you get to reserve one Paqsule bag and be ahead by two months in owning one.

Hopefully, they are already planning on a version that is designed like tactical carryall bag and we’ll all be happy.