The World's Strongest Water Blaster Is Back & Will Make You Wet Wet Wet


SpyraThree Water Blaster

Well, it won’t make you sing like the Scottish soft rock band famous in the 1980s, but if you’re hitting the beach but need to scratch that itchy trigger finger, the SpyraThree is said to guarantee that satisfaction and will make your target wetter than ever.

Spyra, which first introduced its water blaster in 2018, announced the SpyraThree. The Spyra water blaster is claimed to be world’s strongest water blaster and with  the SpyraThree, it will give your 3 modes for either epic water battles or just some plain soaking fun.

SpyraThree Water Blaster 02

The SpyraThree is powered electronically which can give it a range of 30 feet and with the “Power Shot” feature can even soak someone to as far as 50 feet. Out of ammo… errr water? Just find the nearest water source such a pool, dip the Pyra3’s muzzle into it and press the trigger forward to reload. You’ll be ready to water blast your way out in a matter of seconds.

SpyraThree Water Blaster 03


SpyraThree Water Blaster 04

A tactical display will show tank status and battery status always in control. To recharge the Spyra 3, it has a USB-C port, which is mainly the standard port for many electronic devices nowadays.  As for the game modes, the company explains:

Our engineering team has enabled the most epic water blaster. With the SpyraThree™ you have the chance to switch between three play styles. Choose the style that is right for you and the occasion. Open mode: Just fire away as you like. Every time you pull the trigger, a powerful water blast will be released. Burst mode: Fire 3 super fast, consecutive, ultra-powerful water blasts everytime you pull the trigger. But beware, your tank will be depleted insanely fast. League mode: This is our official SPYRA tournament mode. Your rate of fire is restricted, but keep the trigger pulled to release a PowerShot for superior range and impact.

SpyraThree Water Blaster 05


SpyraThree Water Blaster 06

With that water blasting power, comes a price that that may make think twice. Since it’s no ordinary water soaker, the SpyraThree is expensive. It costs US $179.00 and is available in Red and Blue colors (sorry, not camo paint scheme). If you get the “Duel” package, which means getting both the red and blue editions, it’s US$336.52. But if you get generous, why not just buy enough to arm a squad of water blasting beach goers? The more, the merrier, right?

The SpyraThree is now available to order from the Spyra website, just some patience is needed as delivery may take a week so purchase it way in advance before that planned beach party.

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