Welcome The First Three To Join The Very Exclusive Club Of The “Perfect 10” Awardees


10 APCA Perfect 10

Winning an award in the Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards can be very exhilarating experience since it is a very big recognition or achievement of one’s contribution to the promotion and growth of airsoft. Winning it five times is an even bigger achievement as one gets inducted into the Hall of Fame.

But winning it 10 times in a row? Achieving the “Perfect 10” will be a rare feat and for
the case of the 10th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards, 3 companies have actually achieved this. This is a testament of consistent service and satisfaction of customers and readers of Popular Airsoft who have continuously voted for these companies since the awards started 10 years ago.

These companies go nothing to prove anymore, as they are always on top of their game. They now belong to an exclusive club of Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards winners, in which it will be very hard for others to join as they need to win 10 consecutive times.

So it’s an honour to welcome these awardees who will receive this rare award come Airsoft Meetup at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2020 in Nuremberg, Germany.

RedWolf Airsoft: Best Airsoft Retailer For Asia

Founded in 1998, we are the first, largest and most reliable international retailer specializing in airsoft and wargame equipment. We also carry the most diverse product line (with over 15,000 individual products) with virtually every quality airsoft product available on the market today. Our team of expert tuners and technicians also provide a full range of upgrade and customization options for every need. Our resident expert gunsmith, world-reknowned Airsoft Surgeon, is able to create unique and personalized guns for the discerning collector and player!

Our international management team provides us with the ability to serve customers worldwide very effectively. We have offices in the UK and Hong Kong. We have been in this business for a long time and put our customers first! A full team of pre-sales and customer service representatives are here to answer your questions, and help you with any problems. Shopping with RedWolf is a hassle-free experience. We stand behind our products 100%!

Gunfire: Best Airsoft Retailer for Europe

We are a group of enthusiasts, who a few years ago, when hardly anyone has heard of something like airsoft, decided to propagate the sport in Poland. The beginnings were as tough as always - most people have only seen airsoft as nothing more than BB guns themselves, but we knew right from the beginning that there was more to it, we knew that airsoft is a way of life, a passion and a great way to spend your time. That's why our motto is "Airsoft & more"™.

Our strength lies in experience. We deal with airsoft for as long as we can remember. None of us is here by coincidence - the majority are active players who know well the equipment we sell because we use it on a daily basis. This allows us to give good advice and find an optimal solution to any problem, as well as help to choose just the right equipment. We are part of the airsoft community.

Despite such extensive knowledge and experience we are constantly focused on our own development, constantly expanding our offer with cutting-edge airsoft replicas, in the meantime not forgetting about the more economy-level guns. Gunfire's offer also includes airsoft accessories - among them a wide variety of batteries for airsoft replicas, tuning parts, tactical equipment and 6 mm BBs. An airsoft store is so much more than just the products. We are constantly raising our standards and improving the quality of our customer service.

Tokyo Marui: Best Airsoft Manufacturer

Tokyo Marui was founded in 1965 as a hobby toy manufacturer.  The company entered the airsoft business releasing their first airsoft gun in 1985, the Luger P-08. In 1986, they released the first airsoft gas blowback, the S&W 59. They introduced the first airsoft automatic electric gun in 1991 in the form of the FAMAS AEG. The company has been moving from strength to strength, being the biggest airsoft manufacturer in Japan and setting the de facto standards in airsoft development such as the electric blowback and recoil new generation AEGs.

We just hope they don’t get bored on winning  and that they are still determined each year to give their all to be the best in their categories, but most especially, give their best to ensure that airsoft players are happy with their products and services.

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