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Watch This Airsoft Contraption Obliterate Its Targets At 4,000 PSI

Giaco Whatever 4000 PSI BB Gun VS Coca Cola Experiment

In a previous news post, we saw the makings of what Giaco Whatever, its maker, says to be the “Fastest Airsoft Gun” in which he put out a full burst of 6mm BBs with his custom made airsoft gun at 130psi being an HPA powered contraption. The initial test was already impressive but he says it was not even near its full capacity. For someone who can fire Nerf Darts to break the sound barrier, it will be hard to satisfy his curiosity in knowing how fast projectiles can go with this contraption.

In what is supposed to be an HPA-powered airsoft turret that is radio controlled, Giaco Whatever decided to really push to the limits what his creation can do.  He replaced the plastic BBs to ball bearings, increased the pressure to 4,000PSI and of course, took precautions to protect himself as this experiment is scary to conduct.

The result? Well, utter destruction of the targets that were put in front of it, the coke cans were shredded (poor man’s chrono, anyone?) and the ball bearings just went through the row of wine glasses as if they were not there. Another unintended result is that the ball bearings even went through the protective barriers that he put into place to prevent the ball bearings from scattering all over the room. The ball bearings event reached the wall at the end of the room doing damage to it.

It’s mesmerizing to watch the demo in slow motion as the insane BB gun spewed out the ball bearings and hitting the targets. While it looks fun to watch and even more fun if you try to build one yourself, we would rather caution you not to do it yourself as it is a dangerous experiment to do on your own. It is still best to leave this to the pros. Also, check your local laws if doing something like this at home is illegal.

Now we wait for Giaco Whatever go back to his original project of turning this to be the fastest shooting radio-controlled airsoft turret/sentry gun.

I would not like to be at the receiving end of it if ever it gets deployed at an airsoft game.