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Wanted: An Airsoft Version Of The John Wick 3 VAULT Trunk Set

Submitted by Logan on Fri, 08/09/2019 - 06:53
Big Daddy The Vault III Limited Edition Trunk Set

The photo is enough to make us salivate. For fans of John Wick, having the guns he used in John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum in one trunk would surely be a dream to own. Big Daddy Unlimited did just that and in cooperation with Taran Tactical, released the The Vault III Limited Edition Trunk Set.

The set costs US$17,999.99 with only 10 sets built that were immediately sold out. So if you’ve got that amount lying around and you are allowed own real steel weapons in your locality, it’s too late  to get one unless popular demand would make them do another very limited release.

Since there is no airsoft version of The Vault III, it’s expected that some airsoft players would be enterprising enough to build their own since there already some parts made for airsoft that is based or licensed Taran Tactical designs. If you have the time and money to build this, here is the list of the guns included in the set and their various components as taken from the Big Daddy Unlimited website:

STI Combat Master - 9mm Pistol

  • 5.4 Inch Match Grade Bull Barrel
  • FDE/Bronze BLC coated Barrel
  • Combat Master Slide Cuts
  • Extreme Engineering Fire Control Group
  • Fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear sight
  • New Extended Slide Release
  • New extended Mag release
  • 1.75-2.5 LBS trigger pull
  • Stainless Steel Guide Rod
  • Grip job

Glock 34 Combat Master - 9mm Pistol

  • Tactical Matte Black Slide Finish
  • Ionbonded Bronze Barrel
  • Competition Trigger Job
  • Full Wrap Stipple - Right Handed
  • Scallop Cut Magazine Release
  • Single Undercut
  • TTI Competition Magwell for Gen 3/4 Glock
  • TTI Fiberoptic Sights Green
  • Flat Black Base Pads
  • Laser Engraved TTI Logo

TTI Ultimate MPX - 9mm PCC

  • Carbon Fiber Handguard w/Grandmaster Silicon Carbide Treatment
  • Trijicon MRO
  • Geissele Super Precision Lower 1/3 Mount
  • Streamlight TLR-8
  • TTI Magwell
  • Hogue Grip
  • TTI +10 Base Pad

TTI Ultimate Benelli 3Gun

  • Custom Bolt Carrier
  • TTI Custom Lifter/Shell Carrier
  • Forearm Stippling
  • Straight Stock Stippling
  • TTI Ultimate Safety
  • TTI Oversized Bolt Release
  • TTI Springs Package
  • TTI Ultimate Charging Handle

The links will lead you to more details at the Taran Tactical website where there you can make a list of what can be made or purchased for airsoft use.

As for the trunk, it is made of solid red oak with brass hardware and the foam inserts made by Carolina Custom foam. There are also “Continental” 24-kara gold coins and a Number 2 pencil with blood.

The trunk set-up makes it a good 3-gun case. But if you want to impress our team mates, such work put into creating an airsoft version of the Vault III Trunk would surely do it. It would probably a set that we want to see some of the airsoft finest gunsmiths such as the Airsoft Surgeon might try to do.

It’s a dream to have an airsoft version. Luckily, it is not an impossible dream.

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