Valiant Dynamics' EvolvR Combat Stock Keeps The Rifle On Your Shoulder Straps

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Valiant Dynamics EvolvR Combat Stock

Shooting with body armour chest rig, or backpack on can be annoying as the rifle stock keeps slipping off the shoulder strap. If unable to keep the stock within the shoulder pocket, then we will be unable to maintain a steady shooting position and keep the rifle pointed properly on the target.

Valiant Dynamics EvolvR Combat Stock 03

Valiant Dynamics go a solution to that with their EvolvR Combat Stock which has an unusual design that veers away from traditional stock designs. It features a Spur-Catch that hooks to the strap, preventing the stock from slipping away from the shoulder pocket and the Buttpad that can be rotated to 8 positions for adjustability of the level of engagement of the Spur-Catch to the shoulder strap.

Valiant Dynamics EvolvR Combat Stock 01

The result is a comfortable handling of the rifle with the shooter confident that the stock is secure to the shoulder and will have a steady shooting position. The EvolvR can be readily fitted to Mil-Spec and commercial buffer tubes and installation is similar to how most AR stocks are installed.

Even without body armour, the EvolvR can still be used with the Spur-Catch rotated to the outside to the 12 o’clock position.

Valiant Dynamics EvolvR Combat Stock 05

The EvolvR Combat Stock is made from a proprietary blend of injection molded nylon and fiberglass to give it strength and durability. There are five colour options to choose from: Black, Dark Gray, Olive Drab (OD) Green, Foliage Green and Flat Dark Earth (FDE). There is a telescoping and a fixed stock version.

We have not yet seen the EvolvR Combat Stock used by airsoft players as it would be interesting if is a good upgrade to an AR-style airsoft rifle. If airsoft players are interested it is priced at US$89.99 and Valiant Dynamics will ship it on the same day as it was ordered.

Press release below:

Valiant Dynamics Develops a First-In-Class Rifle Buttstock Designed Specifically for Use with Body Armor and Tactical Gear

Cadillac, MI, March 16, 2023 – Valiant Dynamics, LLC (Valiant Dynamics) today announces a successful commercial product launch of the EvolvR Combat Stock in all 50 states.

Born out of the body armor industry, the EvolvR Combat Stock is a replacement buttstock for mil-spec and commercial buffer tubes featuring a first-in-class patent pending, eight-position, rubberized spur-catch that rotates and locks in place to grip the shoulder strap of the tactical plate carrier, body armor vest, chest rig, load bearing equipment, backpack, or other tactical gear for superior and stable placement in the pocket of the shoulder.

“The common complaint of gear in the shoulder pocket and the rifle slipping off the shoulder strap is always discussed at trade shows, expos, and industry days by warfighters, law enforcement professionals, and special operators.” Todd Olson, partner, Valiant Dynamics.

The EvolvR eliminates the need to modify or abandon marksmanship fundamentals when wearing armor and tactical gear so the user can create a stable position, gain proper sight alignment, and manage recoil for rapid return to target and faster follow-up shots without the stock slipping off the shoulder strap or colliding with the hard amor plate.

The EvolvR Combat Stock was tested and evaluated across the US with an 89% recommendation rate. It is available online in both telescoping and fixed editions, and comes in Black, Flat Dark Earth (FDE), Olive Drab, and Dark Grey. The EvolvR White Paper, downloadable on the Valiant Dynamics website, details the EvolvR Combat Stock’s design, development, and launch process.

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