Using The U.S. Army’s Enhanced Night Vision Goggle Is Like Being In A Video Game


Lancer Brigade Live Fire Exercise with the ENVG-B

Except this time, when you’re shooting at something or someone, you might actually destroy or kill the target and that target can also do the same. In a video from the U.S. Army, shows the 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, more known as the Lancer Brigade, went through a live fire exercise early this month at the Joint Base Lewis-McChord, using the new Enhance Night Vision Goggle - Binocular (ENVG-B).

Watching the video, gamers will realize it’s like using the Visual Intelligence System, Reconnaissance, (VISR) integrated tactical data manage system seen in the video game HALO: ODST that shows outline of objects. Perhaps some people from the U.S. Army and L3 Warrior Systems have been avid HALO gamers and took the idea from there, leading to the development of the ENVG-B.

Here is the screen of the HALO VISR:


And here is a short footage of the live fire exercise with the ENVG-B:

Developed by L3 Warrior Systems (L3 Harris), the ENVG-B provides a sharper image of what is in front of the soldier and it is probably the most advanced night vision goggles in the world for military use. Using fusion technology the soldiers can get real-time, actionable intelligence through the fusion of Image Intensified (I2) white phosphor tubes and thermal imaging. It also includes the augmented reality from the Nett Warrior display, information overlay is seen by the soldier without taking his/her eyes off the target. With the outline form, they can make out a target that can hiding behind an obstacle or tree.

According to the U.S. Army, the soldiers can see through “dust, smoke, zero illumination, (and) subterranean” and with the thermal imaging for use during the day.

With the wireless capability, the soldier can view targets when paired with the Family of Weapon Sight-Individual (FWS-I) sights without being exposed and be able to look with the reticle seen in the weapon sigh while hiding behind a corner or from a trench.

All these features, technology, and combination will further the capability of the ground troops in owning the night.

The U.S. Army has been fielding the ENVG-B since 2019.

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