True Velocity's 6.8mm TVCM Cartridge For NGSW Can Also Be Used In Existing Weapons

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True Velocity 6.80 TVCM

The U.S. Army’s Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW) program is down to three finalists and they have all submitted their entries for testing that will determine the replacements of the M4 and M249 with new weapons systems that will fire the 6.8mm round. Whilst we wait for the outcome, one company that is involved in the program is extending the capability of the 6.8mm round that it can be used in weapons already fielded.

That company is True Velocity, which is the partner of the General Dynamics-OTS (GD-OTS), one of the finalists which submitted the RM277, the only bullpup entry in the NGSW program. True Velocity’s works on a unique polymer-cased ammunition that it claims is lighter than traditional brass casing, about 30% lighter. With one of the requirements of the NGSW is a lighter weapon system, reducing the weight in terms of ammo is significant, True Velocity’s 6.8mm TCVM is a prime candidate.

Whilst the NGSW is about new weapon designs built around the 6.8mm round, True Velocity say that through barrel switching, existing weapons such as the M240B, M110, and M134 minigun will be able to use the round. These weapons fire the 7.62x51mm NATO round. According to the company, with the barrel switching, these are able to take advantage of the benefits of the 6.8mm round such as decreased weight by 30%, increased range by 50%, and reduced heat transfer.

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This means that that these weapons don’t need to be retired or other militaries that field these can use the round and be able to interoperate with the U.S. Army just in case GD-OTS wins the NGSW program.

True Velocity explains the switch barrel capability in the video shown below followed by a press release. As for the status of the NGSW, it is now on the second prototype phase test in 2QFY2 and the U.S. Army sees the first unit equipped in 2022.

True Velocity Extends Performance Benefits of ‘Next Gen’ 6.8 TVCM Cartridge to Currently Fielded Weapons

‘Switch-Barrel’ capability offers ballistic advantages beyond NGSW program

GARLAND, TX (June 3, 2021) – Texas-based ammunition manufacturer True Velocity released a video today detailing the performance advantages of its proprietary 6.8 TVCM composite-cased cartridge currently being evaluated by the U.S. Army in its Next Generation Squad Weapons (NGSW) program.

Though True Velocity’s 6.8 TVCM case design was originally optimized for use in the NGSW-Rifle and NGSW-Automatic Rifle submissions designed by General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, the video demonstrates the cartridge’s additional compatibility with currently fielded weapons including the M240B belt-fed machine gun, the M110 semi-automatic sniper system, and the M134 rotary machine gun, or “minigun.” The company refers to this added 6.8 TVCM functionality as its “switch-barrel” capability.

“True Velocity is an American-owned, American-based company that set out with a singular goal in mind, and it was to provide the American warfighter with an unfair advantage on the battlefield,” said Patrick Hogan, True Velocity’s chief sales and marketing officer. “The Next Generation Squad Weapon program has given us the opportunity to do that … Not only do we have this forward-leaning momentum with next-generation capabilities, but we have a plug-and-play application that can be fielded on the battlefield today with weapons that our soldiers are carrying into battle.”

True Velocity’s composite-cased 6.8 TVCM cartridge delivers significant performance and logistical benefits over traditional brass-cased ammunition and currently meets or exceeds all requirements of the NGSW program. The 6.8 TVCM cartridge provides significantly increased muzzle velocity and effective range over the traditional brass-cased 7.62x51mm round, while simultaneously reducing the weight of the cartridge by more than 30 percent and keeping chamber pressures at normal, safe operating levels, a factor that allows for compatibility with currently fielded weapon systems like the M240B.

“You’re talking about something as simple as pulling a barrel off the M240 and replacing it with one that accommodates 6.8 TVCM,” said Hogan, “and, all of a sudden, you’ve increased the effective range of this weapon by more than 50 percent, you’ve reduced the weight of the ammunition by over 30 percent, and you’ve given our soldiers a meaningful advantage on the battlefield.”

The U.S. Army down-selected True Velocity’s composite-cased ammunition in August 2019 for the NGSW modernization program. True Velocity submitted its 6.8mm composite-cased cartridge as part of an overall NGSW weapon system in partnership with General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems.

For more information on True Velocity and the NGSW program, visit tvammo.com.

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