Trijcon Introduces The RCR And The RMR HD Red Dot Sights

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Trijicon RMR HD

Trijicon, a leading provider of aiming solutions that have been replicated in airsoft, has just launched two new red dot optics for pistols: the RCR and the RMR HD. The RCR is a sealed and ruggedized optic that can withstand recoil and harsh environments, while the RMR HD is a precision-designed optic that offers a large lens and a choice of reticles and centre dots. Both optics are ideal for firearms enthusiasts and shooting professionals who demand durability and performance.

The Trijicon RCR is a pistol red dot optic that can withstand harsh conditions and demanding use. It is designed for military, law enforcement, and defence-oriented users who need a reliable and durable sight. The RCR is made of 7075-T6 aluminium and has the same patented shape and footprint as the RMR, making it easy to mount and protect.

The RCR has 10 brightness settings to suit different environments, including night vision and super bright modes. The LED-powered red dot has a battery life of 6 years at a moderate setting and a temperature of 70°F. The 3.25 MOA dot can be adjusted for windage and elevation with 1 MOA clicks and 150 MOA range.

Trijicon RCR

The RCR offers a clear and true-colour view through its multi-coated lens. The lens minimizes colour distortion and provides a crisp sight picture. The RCR also has upgraded electronics, ruggedized battery contacts, and user-friendly buttons to ensure optimal functionality and durability.

The Trijicon RMR HD is a new optic from Trijicon that caters to the changing demands of military and law enforcement personnel. It has a large, clear lens made of toughened glass that gives a clear view of the target and makes it easy to find and follow the reticle. Just like the RCR, the RMR HD is built with a forged 7075 T-6 aluminium housing in the patented RMR shape, which makes it durable and reliable in harsh conditions.

The reticle of the RMR HD has two options: a dot-only option for a crisp sight picture, or a 55 MOA segmented circle with a dot in the centre for faster target acquisition. The dot size can be either 1.0 MOA or 3.25 MOA, depending on the user’s preference.

Trijicon RMR HD 02

The RMR HD also has a smart light sensor that automatically adjusts the dot brightness according to the ambient light. It also has nine brightness levels and bigger, more responsive buttons for manual adjustments.

The battery compartment of the RMR HD is on the top, so the user can change the battery without losing zero. The RMR HD uses a single CR2032 battery that lasts for more than three years at the dot-only brightness level 5 of 9 at 70°F.

The new Trijicon red dots, which are made in the U.S. by American workers, have a suggested retail price of $849 each. They are the latest generation of Trijicon MRDs, but they do not replace the Type 2 in the product line, so customers who prefer the original can still buy it.

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