Tokyo Marui URG-I 11.5” NGRS & Colt SAA.45 5 1/2 Artillery Announced


Tokyo Marui Marufes Online Part 6

If you have been planning to spend that Christmas money you are saving up on airsoft guns, Tokyo Marui would happily want you to spend on their upcoming products. With the announcement of the SAIGA-12K Gas Blowback Shotgun and the White Storm NGRS at the Marufes Online Part 5, they added two more for your shopping list when Deka Shimamura and Irodori Mayoi announced the URG-I 11.5”NGRS and the Colt SAA.45 5 1/2 Artillery Revolver during the Marufes Online Part 6 that took place yesterday, the 17th of September.

Let’s get into some details of the announcements as the Marufes Online Part 6 is comprised of the two parts  with the New Product Corner being the more important as Deka explains in great detail the products and more.

The URG-I 11.5” NGRS is the smaller brother of the URG-I SOPMOD Block 3 NGRS that was released earlier and for a good number of us, it is a good option to have a more compact NGRS. URG-I stands for Upper Receiver Group, Improved which has been made specifically for the US Army Special Operations Command (USASOC). This uses the Geissele Super Modular Rail MK 16 handguard which is usually in Desert Dirt Colour. The URGI-I SOPMOD Block 3 NGRS has a length of 14.5”.

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Just like its bigger brother, the URG-I 11.5” NGRS has the M-LOK rail with three slot types: 3 slots, 5 slots, and 7 slots which can be easily detached using a hexagon wrench. It has all the features of the longer SOPMOD Block 3 including foldable front and rear sights, 14mm CCW thread for mounting a suppressor and an 82-round midcap NGRS magazine (standard Marui M4/M16 AEG magazines are not compatible with the NGRS series). It also has a different stock, with Tokyo Marui adopting the Magpul STR-style stock instead of the SOPMOD stock used by the Block 3 NGRS.

Tokyo Marui are targeting release by the end of the year and have not decided on its final pricing yet.

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The Colt SAA.45 5/12 Artillery, also known as the Peacemaker, is part of the first generation models of the Single Action Army while the Civilian and Gunfighter Models are shorter versions, the Artillery Model is 5 ½ inches and was in service until 1902 with the U.S. Army. It has a revolving cylinder that is able to hold 6 cartridges with the operation of the revolver faithfully replicated by Tokyo Marui --- Hammer down → Open the gate at the rear of the cylinder → Make the hammer half-cock and make the cylinder rotatable. Then load one shot at a time, or push down the ejector under the barrel to eject the cartridges.

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The SAA cartridge has a resin exterior, but uses die-cast parts inside which gives its weight and this design is patent-pending and therefore not much details can be divulged yet as of this writing. The cartridge is a faithful replica of the .45LC or Long Colt which is a rimmed straight-walled handgun cartridge which was originally developed for the SAA. It does not require any other power source such as gas as it is an air-cocking airsoft revolver, the hammer is raised every time when the trigger is pulled. The hammer is heavy but once you get used to it, you can start fanning the gun when shooting just like how you see in Western movies though.

The real deal SAA has 5 levels of hammer positions, including hammer down and full cock, when raising the hammer and one position called the safety cock in front of the half cock for operating the cylinder. The Tokyo Marui airsoft version does not have this position. Instead of having a safety cock, it has a manual safety with the minus screw under the cylinder on the left.  When it is fully cocked, push it in to turn on safety!

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Energy is around 0.135J or less and it will be made available to purchase by ages 10 and up.  It is equipped with a variable hop-up that can be fire 0.12g and 0.20g 6mm BBs to distances of up to 15 metres. The adjustment dial can be found in front of the cylinder and an adjustment tool will be part of the package.

It will be available in black and silver models with an initial target release in February 2022. Pricing has not been determined as well.

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As for the new optional accessories, the company will be releasing the Marui Tactical Dot (MTD) Pro-Sight which can be used with the URG-Is as well as other Picatinny rail equipped AEGs. It comes with covers, mounting options, and it is a quick detach (QD) optic.

By special request, Tokyo Marui are producing an 80 series spare magazine for the Scorpion series (Mod.M and Mod.D). Release is soon and they are  are developing a non-spring type magazine with the same box magazine shape. For now, colour is in black only.

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We wondered why there is no “Shooting Corner” portion this time and found out why near the end of the Product Corner video when Deka did a shooting test of both the URG-I 11.5” and SAA.45 Artillery outdoors.  It probably is a better decision too.

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We are not sure if there will still be another Marufes Online for the end of the year, but already Tokyo Marui has already filled the year with some exciting upcoming products. It sure does make it harder to decide on which to spend that Christmas money on, but for airsoft players who are love Tokyo Marui airsoft guns, it’s a problem they would be happy to have.

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