Tokyo Marui Reveals The P90+ AEG At The 60th All Japan Model Hobby Show


TM P90+

The 60th All Japan Model Hobby Show is in full swing and this week, the trade fair opened its doors to the public who bought tickets to attend the event. For the airsoft community, all eyes are on Tokyo Marui and what the company will reveal that airsoft players will look forward to in the following months.

The Tokyo Marui P90+ AEG With MOSFET

TM P90+ 02

The major product reveal is the P90+, the fourth in the P90 AEG series (or 5th if you include the special release P-90 Version Llenn for “SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online”). The third was the PS90 High Cycle Custom which was released 10 years ago.

With competitors releasing their new P90 AEGs, Tokyo Marui decided to join in the fun to compete head on with the P90+ which is equipped with its own MOSFET that gives it an improved trigger response when firing semi-automatically and stops the operation of the AEG if an abnormality is detected in the motor or battery during use. The battery check does the following: detects battery voltage abnormality and stops operation; detects genuine lipo battery temperature abnormality and stops operation; and when the battery is left connected after use cutoff.

Speaking of Lipo battery, Tokyo Marui talks about usage of Lipo batteries and will be releasing its own Lipo batteries which we shall discuss further down the story. The battery for the P90+ can be a Tokyo Marui genuine lipo battery or a Ni-MH mini S battery. According to the company, since the cycle is a little faster when using a genuine lipo battery, they have adopted a reinforced piston with a different material and a sector gear with a plating coating so that it can manage that power.

TM P90+ 03

The base is the electric gun standard type P90, but the body of P90+ is finished with black paint to improve the texture. The receiver is a TR (triple rail) seen on the sides. In addition, the flash hider in the latest model is with aluminium cutting.

TM P90+ 04

As it inherits the selector mechanism from the P-90, the P-90+, when the selector position is in full auto, firing in semi-auto/full auto is possible depending on the distance the trigger is pulled. Also, a review of the trigger stroke is one of the factors that lead to improved trigger response for semi-automatic firing.

It can use either the 68-round midcap P90 AEG magazine with dummy bullets and the 300-round  P90 high capacity AEG magazine.

TM P90+ 03


Tokyo Marui Genuine MS Li-Po Battery

Tokyo Marui Genuine MS Li-Po Battery

The company finally shows us the MS Li-Po Battery which they previously announced that they are producing. The battery can be used with AEGs compatible with Tokyo Marui's lipo battery and for the now, it will work with the upcoming P90+, the MP5A5/MP5SD6 NGRRS, and other pre-release models. As it has more power and capacity than the conventional Ni-MH battery, it is equipped with various protection functions for safer use:

  1. If the overdischarge protection function is in use and the voltage below the specified voltage is detected for a certain period of time, the output will be stopped.
  2. If the voltage exceeds a certain level while using the overcharge prevention function, the battery will stop charging.
  3. Output is stopped when a large current is detected for a certain period of time while using the discharge overcurrent protection function.
  4. Short-circuit protection function Stops output when "+" and "-" are shorted.
  5. 0V (zero volt) charging prohibition function Charging is not accepted when the voltage drops below a certain level, such as when the battery has deteriorated.

In addition, the MS Li-Po Battery uses a flame-retardant PVC hard case.

According to the company, when charging, it is not a balance charge, but use a method that manages cells with a built-in circuit. This manages the voltage of each cell in the battery, and if one of the two cells deteriorates, the amount of charge will be adjusted accordingly. Therefore, there is an advantage that it is easy to understand the deterioration of the cell.

Here the specifications of the battery:

  • 2 cells
  • 7.4V
  • 1500mAh
  • Usable voltage 6.0V to 8.4V
  • Rechargeable
  • Only the dedicated charger can be used
  • Equipped with a temperature sensor


Tokyo Marui Genuine MS Li-Po Battery Dedicated Charger

Tokyo Marui Genuine MS Li-Po Battery Dedicated Charger

This is a quick charger developed exclusively for use with the MS Li-Po battery, and with it, it is possible to safely charge the battery with its various protection functions.
If an abnormality is detected when connecting or charging the MS Li-Po battery, that type of abnormality or issue is detected by the light emission pattern of the charger's LED lamp and the sound of the buzzer. This will It will let the user know what happened.

Here are the built-in protection functions:

  1. Abnormal battery voltage detection - When an abnormality occurs in the battery voltage, the LED lamp flashes to notify the user and stops operation.
  2. Abnormal battery temperature detection - When an abnormality occurs in the temperature of the battery, the LED lamp blinks to notify the user and the operation stops.
  3. Temperature sensor abnormality detection - If the temperature sensor of the battery is not connected, or if an abnormality is detected in the temperature sensor during operation, the LED lamp will flash and a buzzer will sound, and charging will stop.
  4. Battery temperature warning display - If the temperature approaches an abnormal level during use, the LED lamp will flash to notify the user.
  5. Abnormal charging current detection -  If an abnormal current occurs during charging, the LED lamp blinks to notify the user and stop the operation.
  6. Charge/discharge protection timer - When charging or discharging seems to take an abnormal amount of time, the LED lamp flashes to notify the user and stop the operation.
  7. AC adapter abnormal voltage input detection - If there is an abnormality in the voltage of the AC adapter, the LED lamp will flash to notify the user. (*The blinking pattern of the LED lamp differs depending on the detected abnormality.)

It also has a feature called a "storage mode" for storing the MS Li-Po battery. This mode automatically adjusts the voltage suitable for storage by automatically judging the battery status and charging or discharging. After use, it will be stored after performing storage mode.

Other specifications:

  • Rapid charging (CCCV/1A)
  • When charging a capacity of 1,500mAh, charging is completed in about 1 hour and 40 minutes
  • Quiet fanless design

(*If you use the 'MS Li-Po Battery Checker' you can check the charging status etc.)


Tokyo Marui Genuine MS Li-Po Battery Checker

Tokyo Marui Genuine MS Li-Po Battery Checker

This device, by connecting with MS Li-Po battery or MS Li-Po battery charger, numerical data can be monitored. It displays the voltage of the battery when only the MS Li-Po battery' is connected. When connected between MS Li-Po battery charger and MS Li-Po battery (charging) it displays the elapsed charging time, charging voltage, charging current, and charging capacity (amount charged after charing started as the value calculated from charging current and elapsed time).

Tokyo Marui Genuine MS Li-Po Battery Checker 02

When connected between MS Li-Po battery charger' and MS Li-Po battery' (discharging in storage mode), it displays battery discharge voltage and elapsed discharge time. In addition, the checker code can be stored on the back.


Tokyo Marui Genuine MS Li-Po Battery Checker

Tokyo Marui Genuine MS Li-Po Battery Checker

We always carry our li-po batteries in fireproof bags and this is a safety bag that is exclusively for the MS Li-Po battery and uses flame-retardant materials. The bag has a double structure of inner and outer layers. In addition, since an extension cable is included, it is possible to charge with the MS Li-Po battery in the safety bag for further precaution.

By using it when charging the MS Li-Po battery, storage mode, storage, and carrying, it has the effect of weakening the flame and suppressing the spread of fire in the unlikely event of a fire.(*It is not always possible to completely suppress the flames, plumes, and heat that erupt when ignited.)


Other Products On Display


The upcoming product such as the URG-I 11.5-inch Black and MP5SD6 NGRS as well as the MTD red dot sight are also on display at the event. Tokyo Marui apologizes that other upcoming products such as the SAIGA-12K Gas Blowback Shotgun and the P320 Gas Blowback Pistol are not on display.

TM URG-I 11.5-inch Black NGRS



Also on display, if you are at the event site and if you look hard is a figurine that is based on a very familiar face. It is called the "M21 type" released by Tomytec as part of their collaboration. Can you guess who he is?

TommyTec Deka

We’ll post more information about the products on display at the Tokyo Marui booth at the 60th All Japan Model Hobby Show if they come in.

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