Tokyo Marui AKX GBB Set For 29 March Release & The SG-09 R Gets Delayed

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Tokyo Marui AKX GBB Rifle

If you have been planning to save up for the upcoming Tokyo Marui AKX Gas Blowback Rifle, better start right now. The company revealed during the Marufes Online Part 9 last month that it will be released in Spring 2023 and we are expecting more of an April or May 2023 release but it is sooner than that. The company announced that the release of their second AK gas blowback rifle will be on 29 March.

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The AKX is the the latest AK-inspired rifle that is an original design by Tokyo Marui, after the AK Storm NGRS. It is the second AK gas blowback rifle, after the AKM GBBR. Whilst the AKX is an original design, it has much in common with the AKM GBBR, as it uses the same gas blowback tech. But from there, the AKX has the following features:

Delivers Powerful Blowback

Equipped with an AK dedicated blowback engine that uses a large piston with a diameter of about 19mm. The bolt also operates in conjunction with the launch, and you can enjoy a strong recoil shock.

Realistic Operation

It faithfully reproduces the same functions as the real thing, such as loading the first bullet by operating the bolt handle and stopping the forward movement of the bolt when the bullet runs out.

Short Barrel Custom

The easy-to-handle 8.7-inch barrel and the original design 3-port muzzle brake are machined from aluminum. Also, if you remove the muzzle brake, you can install muzzle options with 14mm reverse screw specifications such as a silencer.

M-LOK Rail System

The latest rail system "M-LOK" is adopted for the aluminum cutting hand guard with high rigidity. The lower hand guard, which allows rails to be added only where necessary, has a slim and easy-to-handle design. M-LOK rails with a width of 20 mm (Picatinny standard) come with 3 types of 3 slots, 5 slots, and 7 slots, one each. It can be easily attached and detached with the included hexagonal wrench.

Upper Rail Standard Equipment

Equipped with a mounting rail with a width of 20mm (Picatinny standard) from the top of the handguard to the top of the receiver cover. Various optical sights can be attached. In addition, a newly developed lock mechanism is used to eliminate aiming blurring caused by rattling of the receiver cover. Just by tightening the centering dial, the receiver cover is firmly fixed, and at the same time, the position of the rail is automatically adjusted so that it is centered.

Front/Rear Sight

The front sight can be adjusted vertically and horizontally with a dedicated adjustment tool. In addition, the rear end of the receiver cover rail is equipped with a retractable backup rear sight considering the use of an optical sight.

Folding Stock

The collapsible folding stock adopts a convex skeleton design that makes it easy to move the muzzle up and down. It is a detachable type that is fixed to the receiver with a 20mm wide (Picatinny standard) rail. The stock body uses reinforced plastic, and the stock base has a QD hole that corresponds to the separately sold "QD sling swivel".

Aluminum Die-Cast Magazine

A bakelite type magazine with a capacity of 35 bullets is reproduced by integrally molding aluminum die casting.

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Another distinct feature of the AKX is that the design of the magazine catch allows for the trigger finger to release the magazine during reloading like an M4 whilst the free hand inserts a fresh magazine, making it a faster reloading process. Whilst the AKX has its own bakelite magazine, it can use the AKM GBBR's own gas magazine.

When released the Tokyo Marui AKX GBB Rifle will have a price of ¥74,800 (US$557), tax not yet included. Pricing outside of Japan will differ as Tokyo Marui does not directly export is products and usually via third party dealers in Japan.

Tokyo Marui Delays The Release of the Biohazard SG-09 R Gas Blowback Pistol

Biohazard SG-09 R Gas Blowback Pistol

As previously reported, the company intended to release the Biohazard SG-09 R Gas Blowback Pistol which is used by Leon S. Kennedy in the Biohazard RE: 4 or the Resident Evil 4 remake. CAPCOM will be releasing the game on 24 March 2023, which Tokyo Marui was supposed to time the release of the SG-09 R. The compan said that due to various circumstances, the release is moved to Mid-April 2023. That should give those who are eyeing this GBB pistol more time to save up.

The Biohazard SG-09 R Gas Blowback Pistol price is ¥32,800 (US$244.25) in Japan when it gets released, tax excluded.

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