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16 April 2019

US Navy SEALS Play Against Tac City Airsofters

Lucky are these airsofters who get to play against U.S. Navy SEALS who gave some instructions on Active Shooter Drills at Tac City Airsoft... "US Navy SEALS join up with Active Shooter Defense School in Tac City Airsoft's 30,000 sqft tactical arena for a exciting day of instruction and game play.

This event is an ongoing event that is put on every 3 months to introduce airsofters of all types to special warfare professionals who also enjoy airsofting. The event starts with introductions and quickly moves through a 3 or 4 part module mixed with coaching and short discussions. Participants then get a chance to try the techniques on the field. After a short break Airsofters and the SEALS go head to head in various scenarios to try out their newly adopted techniques. Then the SEALS divide up and team up with the airsofters to play with and against each other for some free for all action.

This is truly a one of a kind event that puts you through a informative and fun course that anyone can try. Follow our social media to get details on the next one."

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