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15 April 2019

Wanted: A Game Maker To Design A Real World Airsoft Battle Royale Arena? With Pay Of Course!

By Gungho Cowboy

Airsoft, whether you like or not, is getting to be the main weapon of choice for a real life Battle Royale. Battle Royale, which is now what you call “the last man standing” games these days, was inspired by the Japanese novel by Koushun Takami released in 1999 and turned into a hit movie directed by Kinji Fukasaku in 2000, has spawned a fictional mode of entertainment including the phenomenal video games such as PUBG and Fortnite.

In the real world, a Battle Royale game organised early this year was sponsored Apex Legend, was the first big money game in which 13 teams of influential YouTubers battled it out using airsoft guns for the US$200,000 cash prize. We have to admit, this is the biggest cash prize ever in airsoft. We just wish there will be more big money airsoft games like this to inspire even more competitive airsoft battles.

It looks like there will be another one, and it is another Battle Royale themed game. But first, the unknown financier for this game is looking for someone who can design the game that will be held in an island. London-based HushHush, which bills itself the "The World's Leading Luxury Marketplace & VIP Concierge Service" has posted a request for someone to design this Battle Royale Arena:

“We’re looking for someone who can help design the arena for a 100-person battle royale inspired event. With a £1,500 day rate and an expected six-week project duration, we’re expecting the competition to be fierce for the £45,000 contract!”

The HushHush post was requested by one of their clients and is on the lookout for an island to setup the arena. It will be a three-day event with a target of 100 participants who will be given all the necessary equipment such as airsoft, touch-sensitive body armour, camping gear, and food. Each day, the players battle it out for 12 hours stopping only to camp for the night. The last person standing will win £100,000.

Interested “game makers” should be able to handle such large-scale management and they can apply by filling up the form at the HushHush post. If an island is needed, the best possible organisers for this type of Battle Royale will Adriatic Airsoft Alfa as they already manage island games in Mrcara, off the coast of Croatia and have extensive experience in organising games on the island for years now. Now, if they are reading this, they can be the best candidate for this.

No definite timelines yet for this event but it sure is an interesting event. Will this be a televised or streamed event, or will it be for the private pleasure of the financiers of the game? We’ll find out if this plan will really happen.

Top photo: Scene from Battle Royale (2000)

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