Booligan: LCT Zastava M70 AB2 Preview


Booligan Airsoft gives us a preview of the LCT Airsoft Zastava AEG which will be reviewed for Airsoft Insider Magazine... "LCT is world renowned as being one of the highest quality manufacturers of AK type AEGs, so let's check out one of their more oddball models, the M70 AB2, available at!

We'll be giving this gun a full review in the next issue of Airsoft Insider magazine!"

AirSplat On Demand: LCT M70 AB2 AEG


The LCT Airsoft M70 AB2 AEG, also known as the Zastava, is now hitting the shelves of airsoft shops in the U.S. and has it in stock. This is full steel AEG with a Real Wood Handguard and underfolding stock. Thor talks about this AEG, which can easily be mistaken for an AK, on AirSplat On Demand.

LCT M70 AB2 AEG at WGC Shop


Those who are waiting for the airsoft Zastava, wait no more. WGC Shop announced that they now got a delivery of the LCT Airsoft M70 AB2 AEG, price is US$400.00, shipping costs not included... "LCT M70AB2 AEG ~ LCT-AEG-M70AB2 is available in our shop now. Package includes: AEG and Magazine."

LCT Zastava M70 AB2 Coming Soon


Not a surprise here as LCT Airsoft have released two accessories for the Zastava M70 AB2 Assault Rifle ahead of the actual airsoft rifle. Now, they announce that they will be soon be releasing the LCT M70 AB2 AEG. Here's what Zastava Arms say about their creation... "The Assault rifle M70 AB2 designed on the basis of Kalashnikov principle is used by armed forces in the whole world for more than 40 years since it first appeared.

New LCT PK-244 M70 AB2 Flash Hider


Last weekend, we have posted news about the PK-234 M70 AB2 Grip from LCT Airsoft, and now another news for the Zastava M70 AB2 Rifle is released from the same company, the LCT Airsoft PK-244 M70 ABS Flash Hider. We wonder if they are going to release an version of the Zastava M70 AB2 with all these announcements.

PK-234 M70 AB2 Grip from LCT Airsoft


New release from LCT Airsoft is the PK-234 M70 AB2 Grip. This means that this is a pistol grip made for the Serbian Zastava M-70 which is modified version of the AK-47 and AKM rifles. The variant in the photo is the M-70AB2 which has a stamped receivver and underfolding stock. There are several AK AEGs from LCT Airsoft that have underfolding stocks.

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