Wolverine Airsoft MTW Black Edition At Airsoftjunkiez


A quick presentation by Airsoftjunkiez of the limited edition Wolverine Airsoft MTW Black HPA rifle that they have at their store. The Wolverine MTW Black Limited Edition is a Gen 3 model that boasts a 7” Billet MTW and is equipped with an INFERNO Gen 2 with Spartan Electronics. It features a PDW collapsible stock for easy handling and a Warthog Flash Hider for improved performance.

Wolverine MTW SPR Full Auto Build


That would probably an airsoft rifle that you don't want the muzzle pointed at you during a game. Kaslab Airsoft tell more about this what they call an "absurd" build... "Prepare for some hilarious airsoft action with Kaslab Airsoft! In this video, we're showcasing the insane Wolverine MTW SPR + Absurd Full Auto BUILD that will leave you in stitches. Watch as we put this monstrous creation to the test on the battlefield, capturing epic moments and unforgettable reactions."

Airsoftjunkiez: Wolverine Airsoft MTW Billet Series Gen 3


Airsoftjunkiez talks about the Wolverine Airsoft MTW Billet Series Gen 3 that they now have available at their store in Georgia. The MTW platform, designed to excel in its field, offers unparalleled reliability and a wealth of customization options, ensuring it’s the only replica you’ll ever need. The upgraded MTW Billet Series Tactical trim enhances this with a steel flash hider, a premium real-steel grip, and a robust milspec stock.

Kaslab Airsoft On The Gorilla MFCU For MTW


Is there a difference between the Gorilla FCU and the MFCU made for the Wolverine Airsoft MTW HPA Rifle, Kaslab Airsoft explains in this video. The Gorilla MFCU is a device that can be installed in the internals of Version 2 gearboxes. It features a magnetic trigger that allows users to choose where the trigger will fire. Additionally, the selector plate is magnetic, enabling owners to tune all firing positions and also serves as an electronic safe.

How To Install Umbrella R-HOP In The MTW


Video from Kaslab Airsoft showing you how to install the Umbrella R-Hop in the Wolverine Airsoft MTW HPA Rifle... "The Umbrella R-Hop System increases backspin on your BB, giving it a longer stable flightpath. Accuracy Ability to lift heavier BBs (0.4g+ with sufficient FPS). Precision Consitency from shot to shot with superior air seal. We suggest the compression system package for perfect airseal."

Wolverine MTW FORGED Edition 14.5" HPA Unboxing


Juli4Nbtw does an unboxing of the Forged Editio of the Wolverine Airsoft MTW Complete HPA Rifle. This replica has a Wolverine Inferno Gen2 engine that uses a hybrid open bolt system for better accuracy and stability. It also has Wolverine’s Gen2 Premium Electronics that let you customize the shooting settings. The handguard, receiver and barrel are made of durable aluminium with various logos and markings. The pistol grip and stock are made of polymer for more comfort.

Upgraded Silent Industries Wolverine MTW


The Orange Spartan takes the upgraded Silent Industries Wolverine MTW HPA rifle to play to check its performance... "Get ready for an adrenaline pumping 3 Team Infection game with my newly upgraded MTW Wolverine. In this Intense and thrilling game, players will battle it out to see who can survive the longest, and which team will come out on top. Watch as I try to outwit and outplay my opponents in this epic airsoft showdown. Don't miss out on the action!"

Heretic Labs Tank Grip Installation


In this episode of "What The Tech" by Wolverine Airsoft, they show you how to install the Heretic Labs Tank Grip... "Take the weight off your shoulders with the Heretic Labs Tank Grip. Attach an HPA tank directly into your Heretic or MTW-Spec HPA replica and you’re ready to go. Powered by the lightning-fast Wolverine Airsoft Storm Category 5 Regulator, this grip is the ultimate upgrade to dominate the speedsoft arena.


Silent Wolverine Airsoft MTW Gameplay


Using the Wolverine Airsoft MTW complete HPA-powered rifle can help you get stealthy in making shots during the game, making you harder to spot. Spikey Airsoft got this video to show you how he does it... "Using the silence of my Wolverine MTW I managed to get some sneaky kills surprising the enemy in this gameplay. Hope you enjoy, like and subscribe if you do."

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