Swamp Sniper: "Video Game Meets Airsoft And...."


Swamp Sniper talks about this fondness of recreating video games for airsoft in this video... "I love creating video games in real life using airsoft and the imagination.  I've always loved playing SplinterCell and wanted to see what running a Sam Fisher kit would be like.  I'm out at my field Ballahack Airsoft in Chesapeake Virginia running a G&G FN200 and the SSX-23 which is essentially a Mk23.

Cybergun FN 5-7 Splinter Cell Project Compensator Modification


Inspired by Splinter Cell, Titaniumcat Airsoft does a mod on the Cybergun FN 5-7 GBB Pistol to fit the pistol used in the game... "I challenged myself to take what I think is the ugliest handgun ever and try to make it nice! Splinter Cell inspired, in this video I modify the 3D printed comp to make it more realistic. Stay tuned to the following videos! Please like and subscribe so you don't miss it!"

Splinter Cell: Blacklist "Orchestra Of Guns"


Now, here's a guns galore video for you made by The Gaming Addiction as they visit the firing range where Ubisoft's Splinter Cell: Blacklist developers are doing a sound production of the guns that are used in the game. So rather than purchasing packaged gun sounds from other vendors, the developers captured real steel gun sounds for them to use in the game. See lots of guns, and microphones in action.

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25 Oct 2020

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