AMNB Review: PTS UNITY Tactical FAST Micro Riser


Next up for Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) to review from the PTS UNITY Tactical Mount Series is the FAST Micro Riser... "In our previous review (two days ago) we already took a closer look at the PTS/UNITY Micro Mount for you. Now, it´s time to give the second release a look. The FAST Micro Riser."

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AMNB Review: PTS UNITY Tactical FAST Micro Mount


Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) got first dibs at the recently released PTS UNITY Tactical FAST Micro Mount to do a review... "When it comes down to licensed airsoft products from the firearms and parts industry, PTS Syndicate is always a company wroth looking out for. Their latest new additions to the UNITY Tactical licensed product family are the FAST Micro Mount and Micro Riser who some of you have been waiting for to come out. In this review, we´ll focus on the Micro Mount first."

PTS Unity Tactical FAST Risers Pre-Order


Retailers interested on the PTS Unity Tactical FAST Risers can now place their pre-orders according to the company... "The PTS Unity Tactical FAST™ Micro Mount features built-in standard height back up iron sights (BUIS) that keep your airsoft gun uncluttered without reducing capability. The FAST’s built-in front/rear BUIS is perfect for backup on super short PDW/SMG platforms where rail space is critical for mounting lights and lasers.  

Unity Tactical Platform Adapter For MTEK & Team Wendy Helmets


Unity Tactical Platform Adapter allows you to attach headsets to non-ARC helmet platforms. Available adapters are for the MTEK and Team Wendy Helmets... "The innovative AMP™ Helmet Arms attach to the rear rails and cantilever the headset forward over the operator’s ears rather than the traditional top-down attachment. This frees up the top rails for other mission critical gear like lights and cameras.

FFA Livestream: PTS Unity Tactical Fusion


Another livestream event from Femme Fatale Airsoft as she features the PTS Unity Tactical Fusion Mounting System. Already available at retailers, the Mounting System allows you maximise rail space whilst maintaining a low profile. It is lightweight with the use of 6061-T6 aluminum.

PTS: Unity Tactical ATOM Slide


Video presentation of the fully licensed Unity Tactical Atom Slide for airsoft that is carried by PTS Syndicate... "ThePTS Unity Tactical ATOM™ is a TokyoMarui G17 compatible slide kit. The PTS ATOM™ slide is specifically designed tobe able to mount RMR-style micro red dot optics for ultra-fast and accuratetarget acquisition.

PTS Unity Tactical ATOM G Slide Kit


Another option for your airsoft Glock pistol if you are looking for a slide is this PTS Unity Tactical Glock Slide Kit which gets reviewed by Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology... "So you have a Tokyo Marui G17 and are wondering "What can I do to make this pistol cooler"  Well Jonathan may just have the answer with the rugged yet tactical Unity Tactical ATOM slide from PTS... watch and comment with your thoughts on this one." PTS Unity Tactical Atom Slide


Matt of checks out the PTS Unity Tactical Atom Slide at the SHOT Show 2016. Fully licensed from Unity Tactical, the Atom Slide was especially designed to allow the pistol owner to mount different types of micro red dot sights without the need to do some modifications to the slide just to accommodate a different optic.

Unity Tactical KNUCKL Helmet Mount


Unity Tactical release their new KNUCKL Helmet Mount that can be used on the latest tactical helmets... "KNUCKL™ is a modular helmet accessory mount for use on helmets equipped with accessory rails such as Ops Core, Team Wendy, Crye and others. It offers tension-adjustable 3-axis articulation and the ability to mount up to two accessories depending on your mission. The mounting interfaces accept most Unity FUSION accessories.

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