Airsoft Zeel Reviews The WE Airsoft M92 Beretta Silver GBB Pistol


Airsoft Zeel in the Philippines does a review as well as test of the WE Airsoft M92 Beretta Silver GBB Pistol that they have available. The WE M92 Beretta is a semi-automatic gas blowback airsoft gun that is often used for training in safe weapon handling and shooting outside of a shooting range. It features an adjustable hop-up system for improved accuracy, a functional bolt catch, and a two-sided safety lever on the slide.

Short Review Of the WE Airsoft SMG8 GBB


Atlantic Shoot gives his quick take on the WE Airsoft SMG8 Gas Blowback SMG. This GBB has a 20mm rail system for attaching accessories, and a realistic blowback system for a strong kick. You can adjust the stock to fit different situations, and enjoy the comfortable grip and the heavy metal magazine. This gun is small but mighty, and can be used as a main weapon or a sidearm.

WE Keltec PLR-16 GBBR LWD With Custom LWD Oil Filter Silencer


Tatami Tactical does some shooting with the WE Kel-Tec PLR-16 GBBR Fitted With LWD Oil Filter Silencer. Licensed via Socom Gear, the WE Airsoft Keltec PLR-16 GBB is a realistic AR pistol that can use WE AR/M4 magazines. It has a light polymer body and a strong recoil. It can be customized with or without a handguard. It is based on the real KelTec, which shoots 5.56mm rifle rounds.

WE EU17 Gen5 GBB Pistol GBB Pistol


The Neko Airsoft Gun Channel tries the WE EU17 Gen5 GBB Pistol GBB Pistol to find out if it performs as good as those made in Japan. This does not come with markings but looks like a real-world Pistol in its latest version. According to WE, this model has new features that make it more comfortable and efficient to use.

WE Airsoft Restock At SKW Airsoft


Resellers can contact SKW Airsoft it they want to replenish their stocks of WE Airsoft gas blowback guns. WE Airsoft has a wide range of affordable gas blowback rifles and pistols that can meet any airsoft player's requirements for a specific type. Sometimes they are also used as base guns for some custom gas blowback projects.


Delta Says: WE Beretta M92 Review


Delta Says gets to review the black version of the WE Beretta M92 GBB pistol, there is a chrome version also available. This is a full metal replica of the Beretta M92 model from WE. This model is based on the M9 service pistol, which has been used by the US ARMY for years. One of the distinctive features of the Beretta is the cutout on the upper slide. Like most GBB pistols, it has realistic features such as easy disassembly, functional bolt catch and an ambidextrous safety lever on the slide.

WE Airsoft Glock Series Replacement Lower Frame Tutorial


RST Airsoft in Taiwan got this video showing how one can replace the lower frame of the a WE Airsoft Glock-style GBB pistol... "Today, the RST or Red Star survival game store will teach you how to repair/replace/modify WE GLOCK Series Replacement Lower Frame Tutorial Basic Modification."

WE Airsoft Hi-Capa 5.1 T-Rex Silver GBB Pistol


Airsoft Zeel from the Philippines got the WE Airsoft Hi-Capa 5.1 T-Rex Silver and gives his two cents’ worth if it is a good sidearm for airsoft use. This is a WE custom pistol with a 31 round magazine, 20mm rail, and a 1911 double safety mechanism. It locks back on empty and is compatible with many aftermarket parts. It has a metal top slide and is recommended for use with Green gas. This is part of WE’s gen 2 range, featuring snappier blowback and an improved hop-up system.

WE Airsoft M14 GBB Rifle Video Review


We are seeing a return of the WE Airsoft M14 GBB Rifle which we hope has some improvements and will be followed again by the EBR. VSG Airsoft got one to try out. The WE M14 is a faithful reproduction of the last M14 issued to the US Army. It is made with a solid composite stock, which makes it very durable and stable, but also heavy. The rifle is rock solid and has a satisfying "ker ching" sound when fired.

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