AW M4 Magazine HPA Complete Adapter


AW Custom has recently launched their M4 Magazine HPA Complete Adapter, which is designed for their HX series and compatible Gas Blow Backs (GBBs). This adapter is compatible with a variety of series including AW HX, RD, DS, UT, CM, PV, and SV, as well as the WE Hi Capa Series. The package includes a 300-round M4 AEG magazine, and it's noteworthy that it is compatible with most third-party M4 AEG magazines.

New PTS EPM E9 Magazine Issue


Jaeger Precision encounters which can be a major issue when using the new PTS EPM E9 Magazines. This 9mm-style magazines for airsoft use... "No matter what I try I can not get this feature to work. It is strange that all of the magazines do the same thing. All are brand new!"

Mag Choices For The MTW Build


For HPA airsoft users looking into getting the Wolverine Airsoft MTW HPA rifle, there are options in magazines to use with it. In this video, Jaeger Precision shows the available magazines such as those coming from Wolverine's own MTW magazine and the EPM magazines from PTS Syndicate.

LayLax Nine Ball Hi Capa HPA/M4 Magazine Adapter Quick Review


Wyhaq got the LayLax Nine Ball Hi Capa HPA/M4 Magazine Adapter and shows how to install it for a quick review... "In this video, I show how to install the newest hpa adapter from LayLax Nine Ball. This is an injection molded m4 magazine adapter for HPA systems. This is a very competitive option, at a significantly lower price than the other options on the market. This is a great choice for speedsofters or just normal airsofters that like cool stuff.

0'20 Magazine's First Issue For 2024


If you missed reading the free airsoft magazine, 0'20 Magazine, the first issue for 2024 is available to read online or in print... "The new 0'20 Magazine is available! Both paper and digital editions are FREE to browse.

You prefer to read digital ver.? no problem at all, you can read via your computer or mobile for this online edition, with extra videos, music, photo galleries etc... An interactive magazine!"


Mission First Tactical MFT Translucent EXD Magazines


It would be nice for the Airsoft manufacturers pick up on this and make coloured and translucent magazines such as these Mission First Tactical Translucent EXD Magazines for real steel use... "MFT Translucent EXD Magazine - Clear visual confirmation of round count and ammo type, textured to eliminate shine. Next-generation AR15/M4 magazine that utilizes new material technology and manufacturing processes for enhanced strength, durability, and reliability.

PTS EPM E9 Magazine Released


Those who have been waiting for the 9mm-style magazine for airsoft use from PTS Syndicate, the PTS EPM E9 Magazine which has 110-BB round capacity and polymer body. There is a caveat however that will disappoint owners of PCC-style AEGs, this is compatible to the Wolverine Airsoft MTW-9 and ASG Scorpion EVO 3 A1s.

PTS EPM E9 Magazine
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