Elite Force H&K MP5K SMG At Airsoft GI


Cisco gives his take on the Elite Force MP5K AEG that is available at Airoft GI. Does it pass his standardsr? Watch the video... "We are finally starting to see more airsoft companies release new airsoft guns! Elite Force has now released a standard version of the H&K MP5k! How does it hold up to our current standards in airsoft? Cisco fights through his allergies to find out!"

Elite Force H&K MP5K AEG First Impressions


RandomGuyKey takes the Elite Force H&K MP5K AEG to get what other players' take on it. A fully licensed AEG that comes with full trades, the MP5K is a compact AEG that is easily concealable. It's real world uses is as a PDW for close-in security as well as for vehicle use. It also has a variant with a folding stock... "Let other people use my H&K Licensed MP5K distributed by Elite Force and give their opinion on it after running it on the field."

Limited Edition Umarex Elite Force H8R Gen2 CO2


The H8R is in white. That's the package that Airsoft Mike receives for this unboxing and overview video. This airsoft revolver has 10-round capacity, and uses but being 12g CO2 bulbs. For a revolver, it is equipped with a 20mm accessory rail on top and bottom front so you can mount accessories such as aiming devices.

Elite Force Glock Line Up At Fox Airsoft


A rundown of available Elite Force Glock airsoft pistols available a Fox Airsoft... "Elite Force/Umarex has added more of the latest replicas of the current Glock offerings which include partial blowbacks for the Glock 19X and Glock 17 Gen 5, as well as full blowback models of the new Glock 45 and Glock 17 Gen 5. Which one is right for you?"

Umarex Elite Force 1911 TAC CO2 Pistol


An official product presentation of the 1911 TAC GBB Pistol available from Umarex and it is a good seller... "This Colt airsoft pistol from Umarex and Elite Force is a CO2 powered replica of the famous 1911. The pistol is a 6 mm airsoft pistol and available in several color options. It has a removable magazine that holds the CO2 and 15 rounds. The velocity is 345 fps and has a gas blowback action with every shot.

Elite Force Avalon Calibur 2 PDW At Airsoft GI


Cisco gives us a walkthrough of the new Elite Force Avalon Calibur 2 PDW AEG made by VFC that is now available at Airsoft GI... "More companies are finally releasing new product! Elite Force has paired up with VFC again for a match made in heaven! The new Calibur II PDW is a beauty; but is it a beast internally? Cisco takes his first look! Let's see what he has to say!"

Umarex HK USP Compact Airsoft GBB Pistol


A quick overview of the Umarex USP Compact Gas Blowback Pistol carried by Elite Force in the U.S.... "This HK airsoft pistol from Umarex and Elite Force is a 6mm pistol powered by green gas. The green gas powers this pistol with 300 fps velocity and holds 16 BBs in the all metal removable magazine. The pistol has 3 white dot sights and is double action with a paddle style magazine release. It sports a working manual safety and accessory rail for adding a laser or light.

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