JAG Arms TTI Combat Master Sight Block


Cisco goes over this TTI Combat Master Sight Block By JAG Arms that they have over at Airsoft GI... "Taran Tactical linked up with JAG Arms to release the new Combat Master Sight Block! Is it a gimmick or do fixed front sights help improve your performance? Cisco goes in deep to find out! Lets see if the airsoft Combat Master Sight block can keep up!"

TTI AAP-01 Airsoft Carbine Kit Installation video


Gaosen Kinetics give a more detailed information as well as how to install the TTI AAP01 Airsoft Carbine Kit... "This is a full detailed installation video for the TTI PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine) kit for the AAP01 Airsoft pistol, which also shows an example build and various parts which are usable with the kit.

KWA John Wick TTI TR-1 AR-15 GBB Rifle


Jeff The Kid takes a look at a KWA John Wick TTI TR-1 AR-15 GBB Rifle in this video. For John Wick fans in airsoft, they can have options in getting one of these, as well as a kit made for the Tokyo Marui MWS... "I am fan of the John Wick movies. Definitely dragged a lot of people into the big pit of survival games.  I've always wanted to build a TR-, but because the pockets of gold coins are not enough I had to borrow this one from a friend to share with you.

TTI Airsoft CNC Hop-Up Unit At Airsoft GI


Airsoft GI recommends the TTI Airsoft CNC Hop-Up Unit as a replacement for the iffy hop-up unit of the WE Airsoft Galaxy G Series... "If you have a WE Galaxy G-Series Airsoft Pistol, then you know how irritating the hop up unit can be. TTI Airsoft has come up with the perfect solution with their new CNC Hop Up Unit! They have designed their hop up unit to be user friendly and as effective as possible! Cisco gives us a quick run down!"

EMG TTI Combat Master HPA Upgrade


Luke Fosburg does an upgrade of the EMG TTI Combat Master GBB Pistol to use HPA... "I have had the chance to use this hi capa for some time and while it has required some upgrades and rebuilding it is a beast. HPA is the key to getting consistency out of this airsoft pistol. If you play speedQB or need a reliable straight shooter, this is a nice gun for sure."

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