TTI Combat Slide For VFC G17 Gen 5 Quick Look


APS got this quick presentation video of the fully licensed TTI Combat Slide For VFC G17 Gen 5 GBB Pistol. This product is licensed by EMG and Taran Tactical. It features a lightweight design and has been finished using CNC technology. The package includes a full CNC outer barrel, as well as a front fiber optic and rear sight set. It is available in two color options: black and black-silver.

FPR John Wick 4 Pit Viper GBB Pistol


Revanchist Airsoft got a FPR John Wick 4 Pit Viper GBB Pistol loaner for him to do a review... "This time, Bang Bang Airsoft specially loaned out the JohnWick 4 Pit Viper produced by FPR. Let’s take a product shot on the left and a super brief unboxing. If you are interested, remember to go to BangBang Airsoft for a lesson. The production quantity of FPR is not large, and it is for collection Home worth a try!"

TTI TP22 Competition GBB Pistol Review


Tacticool UGG got the TTI TP22 Competition GBB Pistol to check it out if it's a good for some competitive airsoft pistol shooting. The TP22 is a gas blowback airsoft pistol by TTI Airsoft that combines features from various popular pistol models. It has a threaded barrel, an RMR optics plate, Picatinny under rails, and fiber optic iron sights for different customization options.

Tactical Expedition On The JAG John Wick 4 TTI Pit Viper GBB Pistol


Well, it has become a favourite. Tactical Expedition explains why... "Sorry. It's an awesome Airsoft TTI Pit Viper. It almost feels like a real firearm and I bought it to practice shooting at home. I didn't like just dry firing into a blank wall without feeling any recoil so I bought my first Airsoft. This was so hard to find and I bought the very last one for sale in the world."

John Wick's Secret Serpent's Fang


Milipress talks about the serpent's fang, referring to the John Wick TTI Sand Viper GBB Pistol made by Army Armament. The Airsoft TTI Sand Viper GBB pistol is the latest addition to the well-known R6XX series. This pistol is licensed by Taran Tactical (Jag Precision) which he says is known for its reliability, accuracy, precision, and durability.

Jeff The Kid: GHK TTI GLOCK 34 Combat Master


Something that airsoft players who like gas blowback system from GHK Airsoft, Jeff the Kid reviews the custom GHK TTI GLOCK 34 Combat Master... "In today’s episode, we’re going to share many of the guns used by John Wick in the movie. I feel that presenting John Wick with a gun inside is the most sincere one. The gun that was launched by Samoon & DCG and finished with GHK GLOCK System is the TTI GLOCK 34 Combat Master.

ARMY TTI Licensed JW4 Pit Viper GBB Zero-Cost Mod


Revanchist Airsoft shows how to modify the ARMY TTI Licensed JW4 Pit Viper Hi-Capa GBB Pistol at zero cost in this video... "If you have time, this time, I will modify the ARMY PIT VIPER with everyone at zero cost. Well, a lot of people bought it and said that the trigger buckle is too hard. This time, KMW gave advice to do a small modification. I hope it is worth your time."

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