Country Tactical: WW1 Airsoft Night Raid


Country Tactical got another World War 1 airsoft video for you. Let's find out how they do a night raid over a hundred years ago and lots of fireworks used here... "We experiment with a WW1 Based airsoft battle at night! This was an intense  Night time Airsoft Trench raid and it was quite fun. We plan on experimenting more in the future. Fireworks and Airsoft are featured. Do not Re-Attempt."

"WW1 ANZAC Uniform" From Walmart For $59


Country Tactical with another World War 1 loadout that they put together by getting the materials from Walmart. In this case, it's an ANZAC uniform that costs them US$59.00... "Me and my friends set out on a challenge to make an WW1 ANZAC uniform from Walmart! Our budget is only $100. After looking through everything and searching for the best price's we made something that actually turned out really good! Its time to hit Gallipoli!"

"WW1 German Uniform" From Walmart For US$69


Country Tactical put together a WW1 German uniform by getting their materials from Walmart worth US$69... "We had a goal to throw something that looked similar to a WW1 German Uniform! People could use this as a cheap alternative to an expensive $1000+  reproduction uniform for Halloween or airsoft. We just so happened to end up with a 69 Dollar one. (haha funny number). Excluding tax ofc."

Turning A Go Kart Into An Airsoft Tank


CountryTactical posts his video showing how he converted his Go Kart into an airsoft tank due to requests... "As you guys requested, Heres how I turned My Blackwidow Gokart into an AIRSOFT TANK! This is the offical video of the Homemade Gokart Airsoft Tank! I build this airsoft tank from plywood armor and All I have left to do now is add a main armament coupled with a light machine gun! This will destroy in the WW1 Airsoft Battles!!

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25 Oct 2020

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