A New Way to Film Airsoft By 4UAD Smart Airsoft


4UD Smart Airsoft shows a whole new way of taking airsoft gameplay videos using an Insta360 camera. Watch it if is something you want to do... "After spending almost an year trying out all different method to film airsoft, I finally Got the set up that I'm happy with! The first episode will go over the problems, and the second will go over my loadout and how to edit airsoft gameplays."

Insta360 One X Best Airsoft Action Cam?


The Insta360 One X is getting to be an action camera for airsoft players as it allows them to post videos at different angles or full 360 degree, as well as reframing for stills. Callsign Solotron tells why he went for this 360 action camera... "In a search for the newest and greatest camera for capturing airsoft adventures, the Insta360 One X completely changes the way you can share your experiences on the field.

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