Quarantine Boredom Project: Painting An M249 AEG


If you're holed up at home as lockdown due to the pandemic is still very much in force with nothing to do, then here is a project that you might want to do --- giving an M249 AEG a paintjob provided that you have one and the tools to do it, or else you might have to order these online first. DRZ Productions show you how to do this project...

DRZ Productions On KWA KM4 GBB


DRZ Productions gives his take on the the KWA LM4 Gas Blowback Rifle in this video... "Recently I purchased myself a brand new Airsoft rifle. The KWA LM4 gas blowback rifle. So in this video I have decided to give my first initial unboxing thoughts on this airsoft gun based on the negative feedback I have heard from multiple sources both in person, and floating around the internet.

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