Blowback Masters Hi-Capa Adapter For Odin Sidewinder Speedloader


Wyhaq features the Hi-Capa adapter for Odin Sidewinder speed loader from Blowback Masters to speed up the loading of Hi-Capa gas magazines... "Today, this video is a review on the brand new product from blowback masters: the hicapa adapter for odin sidewinder speed loaders. This speed loader adapter is significantly faster than traditional speed loaders and there is no gaps in magazine. The adapter is compatible with all gas blowback hicapa airsoft pistol replica green gas magazines."

VOC Airsoft On The Poseidon Stormbreaka CNC HPA Adapter


Review and gameplay video by VOC Airsoft featuring tthe Poseidon Stormbreaka CNC HPA adapter... "The Poseidon Stormbreaka adapter is a CNC aluminium HPA adapter which features a variety of colours. This gives you the option of using M4 AEG magazines with your pistols.

It also has the option of swapping between Hi-capa or G-series magazines

You can purchase this adapter from Poseidon directly, or if you are in HK you can check out promo shop."

The Fastest Way To Load Your GBBR Mags


Ollie Talks Airsoft found an adapter for the Odin Sidewinder speedloader to help you load your Gas Blowback Rifle Magazines like the Tokyo Marui AKM and MWS GBBRs... "So this is something that's going to save us all a lot of time and stress looking for the little pistol adaptors to load your GBBR Mags, well don't worry Airsoft Tailoring have you covered."

AVA Hi-Capa To MP5 HPA Adapter Available


If you want to use an MP5 magazine instead an M4 one with your HPA-powered Hi-Capa airsoft pistol, you're in luck, an adapter is available from AVA Airsoft... "We are happy to announce that the adaptor is now on sale. Working pressure up to 150 psi & slim design to fit with all hi-capa magwells on the market.

SRC SR4 Falcon SMG/M4 Adapter At Softair Zone


Softair Zone present the SRC SR4 Falcon SMG/M4 Adapter which allows one to use a 9mm-style magazine to an AEG that uses M4-style magazines... "We would like to introduce you to the SRC SR4 Falcon SMG / M4 Mag Adapter with which you can turn every M4 into an SMG. Bar magazines and SMG are becoming more and more fashionable.

Poseidon M4 Mag Adapter At X-Force Tactical


X-Force Tactical shows the Poseidon M4 Mag Adapter that can be used with Gel Blasters... "Today we check out the newly released M4 HPA mag adapters, this awesome new product is released by RPM and Poseidon.  It will basically make your pistol into a gel blasting hose, with the capability of running most m4 mags or drum mags, without the need of shaker mags.

At X-Force Tactical we are dedicated to bringing you the coolest toy guns and gel blasters available."

DYTAC Marui AKM AK Stock To M4 Stock Adapter


Filip Airsoft introduces how he uses the DYTAC Marui AKM AK Stock To M4 Stock Adapter... "Hi, this is Philip. This time, it is an introduction video of the officially licensed for DYTAC Marui AKM AK TO M4 Stock Adapter licensed by Rifle Dynamics provided by DEVILSIX. The stock of Tokyo Marui's Gasbro AKM can be replaced with M4 stock compatible with 20mm rails and stock tubes by simple disassembly and installation."

Angel Custom Drum Mags & Adapter Test


Softair Zone does a test of the Angel Custom Drum Mags & Adapter that they finally have in stock... "Finally a video about the Angel Custom Drum Mags. For a long time the adapters for the mags were not available. Now the Mag is available both manually and electrically and there are lots of adapters in our shop. The Angel Custom is probably the most practical drum mag there is in airsoft.

Valken SMG Magazine Adapter For ASL Series


An overview of the Valken SMG Magazine Adapter for ASL Series AEGs that is available at their online store and other Valken Airsoft resellers... "The Valken SMG Adapter for the Valken ASL Series AEG is constructed of durable hard polymer material and lightweight. This 6mm AEG magazine adapter fits any Valken ASL airsoft gun allowing the Valken submachine gun airsoft magazines to work inside a normal M4 airsoft rifle magazine well.

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