Ragnar Tyr Cap In Woodland


Ragnar got also its own line of ballcaps/shooter caps called Tyr and it is available in three colour schemes including woodland... "Tyr also known as the god of war in Norse mythology is always described as having only one hand. The great one-armed god shares his name with our line of caps that can be configured with a collection of exclusive patches with the legends of Nordic culture."


Ragnar Valkyrie Gloves Available


Ragna got their own Gloves series, the Valkyrie Gloves... "Valkyrie (from old Norse: Valkyrja, "the one who chooses the fallen in battle"). Only warriors chosen for their bravery and heroic deeds on the battlefield earn their place in the halls of Valhalla. Our gloves proudly bear this name, designed to be able to operate with them in any situation, for a long time and where comfort stands out. They are a part of your body, not just another accessory.

RAGNAR Thor AOR1 Jeans


Tactical denim? Well, here is a pair RAGNAR Thor AOR1 Jeans that has been announced just recently... "Tthe idea behind this garment was to combine a traditional pair of jeans with hidden characteristics of tactical cut pants, both in terms of materials and in design, to have a garment that could be used in everyday life in urban environments, but capable of addressing certain technical requirements.

The Ragnar Einar Hoodie


Available now at the Ragnar online store is the Einar Hoodie designed for use in the field and for everyday wear... "The Einar Hoodie is specially designed to be an urban garment but that can provide the user with a neck warmer in the event of an intervention (police or military) incorporated into the hood itself with which to hide their face, both with the hood on and without it.

Airsoft GI: Classic Army Ragnar Series


The Classic Army Ragnar Series are at Airsoft GI and here is Carl to tell you more... "The Ragnar Series is one of the newest limited edition M4s by Classic Army. This Ragnar ARS3 carbine will feature a aggressively designed receiver and a 10 inch free float rail with picatinny sections at the very front, perfect for mounting flashlights, lasers or anything else you may need.

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