USAirsoft: 10 Airsoft Replicas We NEED


There are still many firearms out there that can have their own airsoft replicas and USAirsoft makes a list of 10 that he thinks we need... "As our game continues to grow so does our hopes for certain replicas we're missing. At every convention and in every video I can see people dreaming of seeing a G11 or an AN94 one day, so lets go down the list of just some replicas we REALLY NEED!"

Real EOTech Vs Airsoft Replica


Whilst many in airsoft are just replicas of the real deal gear, acccessories, and guns it always a question if they are good copies. In many cases they are not but some are do it quite good in terms of external features. This also happens to optics as well in which they look good externally but rarely maintain the zero.

The BB Warrior: Replica Vs Real Gear


Do you really need high quality gear when playing airsoft or will a cheaper replica be enough? The BB Warrior takes on this topic in this video... "Today we're discussing if you REALLY need high quality tactical gear for airsoft, and exploring the reasons players have for choosing more affordable options."

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