REAPERs Airsoft: Silverback DesertTech MDR-X S-AEG


It's time to watch the most comprehensive review of the DesertTech MDR-X S-AEG from Silverback Airsoft as done by REAPERs Airsoft. The Silverback MDR-X is an airsoft gun that is licensed by Desert Tech LLC. It is a highly realistic replica of the real steel MDR rifle, and features a number of high-quality components that its maker say make it capable of delivering high performance in a variety of applications, from DMR to CQB. S-AEG is a German-spec version of the AEG.

Is The DesertTech SRS M2 The Best Sniper Rifle?


It's a real steel session rather than airsoft session. Kuma Tactical talks about the Deserttech SRS M2 if it is the best sniper rifle in the market. Silverback Airsoft has the licence to make one for airsoft... "You wanted to know what the best sniper rifle is? Then be sure to watch the video for the Deserttech SRS M2 - this weapon is a hot candidate for it."

Timerzanov Airsoft: Silverback Desert Tech MDR-X .308 AEG


Timerzanov Airsoft gets his chance to give his take on the Silverback Airsof Desert Tech MDR-X .308 AEG in this video review... "Finally! Here it is finally! The long-awaited Desert Tech MDR-X from SilverbackAirsoft! A response that we have been waiting for for years. In this video I invite you to discover what this replica is finally worth. It's new for 2023 and I think you'll be delighted to see what it has in store. In short, I wish you all a good video!

L'antre Du Dingo: Silverback DesertTech MDRx .308 AEG


The Silverback Airsoft licensed DesertTech MDRx .308 AEG is now in circulation and we're seeing reviews from various sources and one of these is L'antre Du Dingo. This comes with engraved markings and made of 6000 series aluminium receiver/outer barrel and muzzle brake. The handguard is M-Lok and is fully ambidextrous in operation as well as ready to take in 11.1v Lipo batteries s power source.

Silverback Desert Tech SRS A2 Sport Review In 4K


If you have 4k resolution in your screen and the bandwidth to view it, you can check Highlander Airsoft's review of the compact Silverback Desert Tech SRS A2 Sport Sniper Rifle... "I hope you like the video and if you have any questions, please write in the comments. Thanks again to who made this Airsoft available to me."

REAPERS Airsoft: Silverback SRS A2 - 22" M-LOK


Prepare again for an almost 90-minute review of the Silverback SRS A2 - 22" M-LOK as done by Reapers Airsoft. We're hearing good feedback from the field so let's see if this review concurs... "Good afternoon, gentlemen, after my relaxing holiday, the review of the Silverback SRS A2 continues today ;-)."

Silverback Airsoft DeserTech MDR-X 3D Presentation


It's getting closer, the airsoft version of the DesertTech MDR-X AEG being produced by Silverback Airsoft. The wait is still long given the disruption in production schedules caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. For the meantime, let's treat ourselves to its highlights in this 3D video presentation... "This video presents the main technical characteristics of the Silverback Airsoft MDR-X, the latest version of this bullpup assault rifle licensed by Desert Tech and chambered in 7.62 NATO.

Silverback Airsoft SRS-A2 Coming Soon


Good news to those who are waiting for the Silverback Airsoft SRS-A2 as the company announced it will be released soon... "Dear All, The new SRS-A2 line, reproducing the latest Desert Tech platform evolution, will soon be available. It will replace the SRS-A1 line, now discontinued.

16in Covert and 22in versions will be released early May and late June for 16in Sport version.

Wolverine Bolt M Silverback SRS Installation


The Wolverine Airsoft Bolt M can readily be fitted into bolt action airsoft sniper rifles so they can be HPA powered. An example is the Silverback Airsoft DesertTech SRS as shown in this video... "In this episode of What the Tech?!?!, Rich shows how to install our new fully mechanical Bolt M HPA system in the Silverback SRS sniper rifle."

Silverback Airsoft DesertTech HTI Review


L'Antre du Dingo got a new hoodie with a good take on a famous line from Terminator whilst he reviews the Silverback Airsoft DesertTech HTI, the latest release in the licensed airsoft rifles from DesertTech... "After giving us the excellent SRS, Silverback Airsoft used the Desert Tech licence again to build a nice replica of the heavy HTI rifle! Let's have a look at it!"

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