TTI TP-22 GBB Pistol Review By RWTV


Andrew tries the TTI TP-22 GBB Pistol whhich is available at RedWolf Airsoft if it is something to recommend to competitive airsoft shooters... "In this week's review, Andrew takes a look at the Titanium Tactical Industry TP-22, a futuristic and unique GBB airsoft pistol loosely based on the Taurus TX-22 Competition.

1911 Takedown Challenge Winner Announced


RedWolf Airsoft announce the winner of their 1911 Takedown Challenge and a Dutchman takes home the coveted prize, a Battleworn Cerakote RWA Nighthawk Custom Covert Ops Pistol... "We are pleased to announce the winner for our 1911 Takedown Challenge! The winner of the Battleworn Cerakote RWA Nighthawk Custom Covert Ops is Mr. Ingemar Bouwhuis from Netherlands! We hope you will enjoy your new pistol and our team will reach out to you for your delivery details!

Airsoft GI At RWA SHOT Show Booth


Find out what RedWolf Airsoft USA's RWA brand has on display at their SHOT Show 2015 booth as Bob of Airsoft GI continues with their reportage... "RWA had some cool new products at Shot Show 2015. First off is their RWA 1911 Night Hawk Custom CO2 powered made of STEEL. This gun is extremely heavy and provide a very hard kick and is one of the most realistic 1911s out today. Also new from RWA is the KJ9s. This is a small SMG great for CQB in AEG form.

Airsoft Surgeon STI Speed Steel Pro


The Airsoft Surgeon has something for you to save up for this Christmas. The Airsoft Surgeon STI Speed Steel Pro, which is available at RedWolf Airsoft, will set you back US$$2,051.00... "This highly customized Airsoft Surgeon STI Speed Steel Pro is ultra reliable, high performing airsoft pistol. Airsoft Surgeon's fully custom guns are built to win with style but not for skirmishing.

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