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WE Airsoft

WE Airsoft 19 T1 GBB Pistol Review

Airsoft Review en Español scrutinises the WE Airsoft 19 T1 Gas Blowback Pistol. This pistol has an under rail for weapon accessories, a lightweight metal slide, and non-slip nylon lower frame. Othe features are the luminous front and rear sighs and a flared magwell for faster reloads. This is available at most airsoft retailers worldwide.

Licensed Airsoft Glock vs WE/Marui Glocks

Toronto Airsoft does a comparison of the full licensed Airsoft Glock from Elite Force/Umarex to the WE/Tokyo Marui version. How does it fare, especiall against the Tokyo Marui Glock 17 GBB Pistol? Are there differences between these pistols, apart from the former being a licensed airsoft Glock pistol? Or is the Tokyo Marui version still a better performer? Watch this video if it answers these questions.

Latest Product Deliveries At Gunfire

Gunfire are holding their Warehouse Clearance Sale in which they prepare for new product deliveries this year. You get discounts of up 70%. They are also making space for new arrivals this year and they just received deliveries from Modify-Tech, Abbey, Bolt Airsoft, Emerson Gear, and WE Airsoft.

WE P226 P-Virus Custom GBB Pistol

Airsoft Entrepot give us an overview on the WE P226 P-Virus Custom GBB Pistol. Taking its inspiration from the Biohazard Sentinel Nine Leon Model P226 with the official version made by Tokyo Marui, this has a 30-round magazine and has full metal/textured grips. This has a rear ring sight, the decocking lever is fully functional, and removeable compensator.

WE Airsoft Chrome G17 GBB Pistol

With his gun wall finally finished, we get to see more of Max Cherepenin's airsoft guns inn the background. For this video, he features the Chrome G17 Gas Blowback Pistol from WE Airsoft and he is happy with what they have produced. It is actually a two-tone GBB pistol with the Chrome being the slide whislt the lower frame is black.... "Hope you guys enjoy this video! This will show why I love this variant of glock!"

RA-Tech Real Wood Stock For WE M14 GBB

Owners of the WE Airsoft M14 Gas Blowback Rifle can check this new item release from RA-Tech. It is an integrated full wood stock, allowing you to replace the faux wood that comes with the WE package, giving your M14 GBB a more realistic look and feel. Besides that, having the real wood feel with your airsoft M14 makes it better to hold.

BB2K Airsoft: WE Cybergun P90 GBB

We get to see the P90 Gas Blowback from Cybergun, OEM by WE Airsoft in this BB2K Airsoft review... "The FN P90 has a very special design, which is immediately noticeable. The short compact Bullpup with overlying magazine can be operated on both sides, offers a capacity of 50 rounds and thanks to the special caliber 5.7x28 it is strong enough to go against modern protection. WE has accepted the P90 and delivered the first GBB version. FINALLY!"

Carol Grillo: WE Samurai Edge Pistols

Carol Grillo features two WE Airsoft Samurai Edge Pistols. The first one is Samurai Edge Virus In Chrome and the other is the Barry Burton Model. These are both based on the M92 can be considered clones of the Tokyo Marui versions. These are more affordable versions if you are looking for a Biohazard GBB pistol.

Evike: WE Airsoft Hi-Capa 5.1 T-Rex

At Evike.com, they have in stock the WE Airsoft Hi-Capa 5.1 T-Rex GBB Pistol that competitive  airsoft practical shooters might want to take a look at... "From shooting competitions, to close quarters engagements and Milsim adventures, the WE Hi-Capa 5.1 T-Rex Competition Pistol gets the job done!


The Gear Locker Visits WE Airsoft

Gear Locker, the French language airsoft YouTube Channel, decided to visit Taiwan to check out how airsoft gun is made. Williamn, Cybergun Asia's CEO arranged for them to visit WE Airsoft, famous for producing a lot of gas blowback airsoft guns and do OEM work for Cybergun. He tries joins them on the factory floor if he can replace the WE airsoft employees there.