Danner Vital Trail Boots In Brown/Olive


The Danner Vital Trail Boots looks great and should feel be more than adequate for airsoft and milsim use... "We’ve taken one of our most popular hunting styles and converted it into a rugged, all-terrain hiker. It’s a high-performance combination of light and fast technology from today’s best outdoor and athletic footwear with the durability and reliability Danner is built upon. The Vital Trail will get you where you need to be at the moment you need to be there.

Hurricane VITAL-2 Laser


This replica is now available at Airsoft GI... "The Hurricane VITAL-2 Laser is a fantastic replica of the real VITAL laser aiming system. This laser comes with a thumb switch and remote tail switch so that the user can customized their laser based on their comfort. The user also has the option to choose laser strobe option between constant, intermittent, and faster strobe. There is also a switch to adjust the laser brightness and LED navigation light.

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24 Jun 2021

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