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Unicorn Leah

Unicorn Leah: Codename Thunder Madness

Full-auto rock and roll for Unicorn Leah as she and her partner, Jet DesertFox travel to Joliet, Illinois for an event hosted by CPX Sports... "Full auto airsoft mayhem at Codename Thunder, sponsored by Tippmann Tactical. Codename Thunder 14 is an annual airsoft event held at CPX Sports in Joliet, IL. This video is an airsoft vlog about the event, featuring Jet DesertFox and Unicorn Leah with their new Tippman M4 CQB's.

First Airsoft Couple Gameplay Video

Compilation of Unicorn Leah showing airsoft's First Couple airsoft game play videos... "Some uncut/behind the scenes/airsoft couple teamwork tactics airsoft gameplay with Jet DesertFox and Unicorn Leah at Wildlands Airsoft Park in Lake Elsinore, CA. Featuring the Elite Force Amoeba AM09 and Dickbutt Airsoft!"

Skateboarding & Airsoft With DesertFox

Unicorn Leah films her other half, Jet DesertFox as he skateboards and airsofts at the same time during their visit to Spring, Texas to attend the High Ground Airsoft Summer Palooza 2017... "Jet DesertFox skateboards while playing airsoft at High Ground Airsoft in Spring, TX. This took place before High Ground's annual Summer Airsoft Palooza.

YouTube Changes Affect Airsoft Channels

DesertFox Airsoft and Unicorn Leah put out a video that will affect airsoft YouTubers who rely on YouTube revenues. According to them videos that contain certain trigger words pertaining to guns and violence will set to be limited or will not contain ads at all. This means that the YouTuber cannot earn money unlike before. Will there be ways to skirt around this so as not to affect the livelihoods of airsoft YouTubers? We'll find out soon.

Famous Airsofters On Go Karts

On their trip to the Airsoft Summer Palooza in Texas, Unicorn Leah and the gang had a side trip to go for some laps on Go Karts. Too bad they were not equipped with airsoft guns to go some ala "Mario Kart" game... "Go-cart racing in Spring, TX with a bunch of airsofters before High Ground Airsoft's annual Summer Airsoft Palooza! We've seen Evike Matt talk about how much he enjoys cars...and now we get to see him race!

Unicorn Leah: Jet's Dreams Come True

Curious what dreams of Jet DesertFox came true when he went to the Summer Palooza 2017 with Unicorn Leah? Watch this video his other half made... "Jet DesertFox and Unicorn Leah travel to Spring, TX to visit High Ground Airsoft for their annual Summer Airsoft Palooza...and all of Jet's dreams come true."

"Why Does The Internet Think I'm Sexist?!"

Unicorn Leah posts a video to address head on the accusations of her being "sexist"... "Unicorn Leah discusses some recent YouTube comments where she is being labeled as being 'sexist' for being a woman in a male dominated industry. Plus, WHY CLICKBAIT?!"

Unicorn Leah: My First Time Sniping

Unicorn Leah turns into an airsoft sniper with the G&G SR25 during a game at the Wildlands Airsoft Park... "Unicorn Leah tries out the sniper role with an SR25 variant, the G&G GR25 at Wildlands Airsoft Park at Jungle Island in Lake Elsinore, CA. The original plan was to use a bolt action VSR10 with Novritsch tuning kit, but the VSR10 was having major consistency issues (about a 6 foot grouping). The SR25 commonly fulfills the DMR/Sniper role at airsoft games.

Unicorn Leah: Airsoft Summer Palooza!

Unicorn Leah tells you more about the upcoming Airsoft Summer Palooza that will take place next month in Spring, Texas... "Summer airsoft party! High Ground Airsoft in Spring, TX is holding their 2nd annual Summer Airsoft Palooza at their gigantic indoor field on July 8. Here's a look at last year's event to give you an idea of what to expect. This year will be bigger and better - see you there!"

Unicorn Leah: BB Zen With Shades

Unicorn Leah was at the Wildlands Airsoft Park to hangout with Evike Street Teamm which also includes the silent but effective Evike Shades... "Airsoft vlog time! Hang out behind the scenes with the Evike Street team (Shades, Miguel, Chris, Rich, and Jet DesertFox) at Wildlands Airsoft Park at Jungle Island in Lake Elsinore, CA. Also featuring: BrainExploder, Dickbutt Airsoft, and Spartan117GW. I've thrown in some unicorn airsoft gameplay footage for you, as well!"