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ASGI Uncut: Custom VFC 416 Overhaul

GI Tactical East Coast in Virginia accepts custom work requests as shown in this Airsoft GI Uncut video. Tommy shows the VFC HK416 AEG that he did a custom overhaul... "Hey guys! Today, Tommy the Tech showcases one of our completed tech commissions! If you want to upgrade your GAT, come on down to our Henrico, VA location!"

Airsoft GI Uncut: Gun Bag PSA

A short PSA video showing you the importance of having a gun bag in transporting your airsoft gun especially whilst in public places. It is always a matter of life and death when you carry realistic-looking firearm replicas in public spaces when members of the public panic and call the police. Airsoft GI, which made this PSA, got some gun bags available for you to order (of course).

How To Properly Weave MOLLE Pouches

Still have no clue on properly attaching your MOLLE pouches to MOLLE vests and belts? Don't worry, Airsoft GI Uncut has put up this video showing you how. If it does not help, you better buy MOLLE gear with all the pouches and attachments already pre-configured to your needs. But do watch it over and over until you get it right.

ASGI Uncut: Classic Army 25K RPM Motor

Airsoft GI are impressed with the Classic Army 25K RPM Hight Torque Long Motor which is available at their store... "25k RPM High Torque Motor Long Type (P515). If you are looking to upgrade your Airsoft Guns motor then you need to look at the New Classic Army 25K High Torque Long Type Motor!

Airsoft GI Uncut: Gate Titan Quick Look

Cisco takes a quick look at the Gate Electronics Titan MOSFET. Available now at the Airsoft GI store, it is said to be one of the most advanced electronic trigger units for the Version2 AEG Gearbox. It has battery protection and low voltage warning, configurable selector positions, cycle detection/completion, programmable burst fire, piston pre-cocking, and ROF control.

ASGI Uncut: Classic Army Nemesis 9 AEG

Airsoft GI gets first dibs to handle the upcoming Classic Army Nemesis 9 which will be on display at the SHOT Show 2018... "Cisco meant to say ECS (Electronic Control System) Trigger Unit. It can be programed to a 3 or 5 Round Burst, Motor Protection, and Low Battery Detection.

ASGI Uncut: Classic Army 416D Tan

Another AEG from Classic Army is back, the Classic Army 416D AEG. This was available around 7 years ago and it is now back again in stock. This is the Tan and Short Barrel version. Just like the original release the markings just show a '416D" on the receiver with no Heckler & Koch markings as this is not fully licensed from Umarex. Airsoft GI Uncut does an unboxing video so players can find out what they can expect out of the box.

ASGI Uncut: Loading An Airsoft Grenade Shell

We go back to the good old 40mm airsoft grenade gas shells for this Airsoft GI Uncut video. In recent months, we mainly have seen the release of impact and banger grenades for airsoft that we started missing the gas shells. Video here shows you how to load one, in case you have already forgotten.

ASGI Uncut: KWA Ronin 10 VM4 SBR

A first impression video on the KWA Ronin 10 2.5 VM4 SBR by Airsoft GI Uncut... "The Ronin AEG 2.5 airsoft gun series is the latest addition KWA has to offer in the market. This model features KWA's new Variable Performance System (VPS) that highlights a couple of new features. The AEG 2.5 utilizes an adjustable FPS system controlled with the new VPS tool included with the package.

ASGI Uncut: How To Change AEG Spring

Nowadays, more and more AEGs are coming out with the quick spring change feature, allowing you to meet airsoft field requirements in terms of FPS limits. Still, there are many AEGs with gearboxes that still require the good old fashioned way of changing springs, which means it is also the hard way. Here is Airsoft GI Uncut showing you which is good for newbies and for veterans who have forgotten how.