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SpeedQB Championship 2018 Part 1

TheDeeMoe posts first part of his coverage of the SpeedQB Championship Tournament 2018. SpeedQB is a growing competitive segment in airsoft and it is a run and gun force on force airsoft game that. Already in mainstay in Southeast Asian countries for years, it is now growing in the U.S. and Europe.

TheDeeMoe: Champions Teaser Trailer

TheDeeMoe release the "Champions" teaser featuring his SYG SpeedSoft team... "For those of you that ACTUALLY know ME and know MY journey you know I put my all into this shit, fully focused every time I hit the field. I’m beyond blessed to be a part of the SYG airsoft family and this airsoft industry.

How To Get Sponsored In Airsoft

Southern California Tactical Airsoft's Off The Field episode 1 got a topic that should interest any of you: how to get sponsorship. The hobby is not cheap so sponsorship can help defray expenses in some cases, become a source of income. Guest for this episode is TheDeeMoe so listen for his tips on getting that sponsorship.

TheDeeMoe At The Airsoft Expo 2018

TheDeeMoe vlogs about what he saw at the Airsoft Expo 2018 which took place last 6 October 2018 at Tac City Airsoft which is the first of this planned yearly event... "The first annual Airsoft Expo took place at Tac city Airsoft in Fullerton CA. Super dope event for the community. Hyped for future events like this one. Enjoy!"

TheDeeMoe's New High Speed AEG

TheDeeMoe posts a video to talk about this new custom gun project. It is a high speed AEG and he usually builds them modular, taking different pieces from various brands so watch it find out what these bits and bobs are... "Heres an overview of my newest update to my 'Project Gun' build along with some gameplay, Enjoy!"

TheDeeMoe: G&G CQB Shooting Tourney

TheDeeMoe posts his experience at the G&G Armament Asian Cup CQB Shooting Competition... "Heres my long awaited Vlog from my trip to Taiwan. Join me and experience the Taiwanese Airsoft culture at the G&G Armament 2018 Asian Cup CQB Shooting Competition, Enjoy!"

TheDeeMoe: Hi-Capa Basics/Upgrade Guide

Most owners of Hi-Capa pistols, especially the Tokyo Marui variety, will have their own take and tips on the how to uprgade it, given it is the most customised airsoft pistol in the world. TheDeeMoe shares his own way in this video... "Giving you guys my personal opinion on how I go about upgrading my hi-capas. Enjoy!"

Op. Takedown 2 Hollywood Sports Park

TheDeeMoe posts his video taken from Operation Takedown 2 that took place at the Hollywood Sports Park last 28 April 2018. He led the Zombie Elite against the Special Forces led by General Jet DesertFox... "Quick edit from Op Takedown 2 at Hollywood Sports Paintball & Airsoft park in Bellflower CA. Major shout out to everyone that came through and showed love, its always nice meeting new people & reuniting with old friends and familiar faces."

TM Hi-Capa With Acetech Lighter Tracer

TheDeeMoe dusts off his Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa Gas Blowback Pistol and installed the Acetech Lighter Tracer Unit for this gameplay video. It looks like they are a good combination for indoor games... "Using my Hi-Capa again for the first time since my surgery, my aim needs a little work LOL but it feels good to be back on the field."

TheDeeMoe At The G&G G2 Launch Party

TheDeeMoe was the at the G&G G2 Launch Party and posts his vlog of the event. This party is the debut of their G2 Gearbox and this took place at the Tac City Airsoft last 20 April 2018... "Inside look at the new G2 series rifles from G&G Armament, featuring some familiar faces in the Airsoft industry. Enjoy!"