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Tactical Shirts Airsoft

Tactical Shirts: How To Choose Optics

Turn on the language captions of your YouTube player if you want to follow the advice of Tactical Shirts Airsoft in choosing optics for your airsoft gun. The video is done in Spanish.. "How to choose your sight or Airsoft visor, red dots (red dot) like Eotech, Acog or sniper sights!"

Tactical Shirts: Airsoft Standards Wrong?

This video from Tactical Shirts Airsoft on airsoft standards need a more refined translation rather than relying on Google translation. In this video, they talk about the problems in regulations or standards such as player roles and fps limits according to player roles. It's a 7-minute video so if Spanish is not in your list of languages that you speak, then take more time to decipher the rough translation when you turn on the language caption.

Tactical Shirts Airsoft: Secutor Velites Review

We are getting more reviews on the Secutor Velites Shotgun series. The series is comprised of 870-style shotguns of varying lengths and configurations. Turn on your language captions as this review is done by Tactical Shirts Airsoft in Spanish... "Review of the new Velites shotguns from Secutor Arms manufactured by Golden Eagle."

Tactical Shirts Airsoft: Specna Arms SA-H01

It looks like Tactical Shirts Airsoft fell in love with the Specna Arms SA-H01 AEG. This is of course, similar to the look of the HK416C that usually comes with a Lipo 7.4v 1200Mah Battery. This AEG is made mostly from zinc and aluminiun alloy. Just like its other Specna Arms siblings, it features the Enter and Convert Quick Spring Change System. Watch the video to see how it performs in this game.

Tactical Shirts Airsoft: Making A Scopecam

A growing favourite of airsoft players to use as a Scopecam for their airsoft guns is the RunCam 2. It is small, compact, does full HD, has Wifi, lightweight, and it is very much affordable if you compare it GoPro Hero and other similar action cams. In this video Tactical Shirts Airsoft of Spain show you how to make a scopecam with it, just turn on the language captions to follow and understand if Spanish is not your language.

Tactical Shirts Airsoft: Novritsch SSG24 Review

Tactical Shirts Airsoft does the first review of the Novritsch SSG24 Sniper Rifle in the Spanish language (English subs included)... "We analyzed the Novritsch SSG24 sniper. What do you think about it? It is a rifle designed ready to be used out of the box for immediate gameplay without the need for further upgrades."

Tactical Shirts Airsoft: DMR Gameplay

Tactical Shirts Airsoft got a DMR gameplay video taken at the Asalto al Cortijo in Madrid. At the description of the video, they list the equipment that they used in the video, which also means that you will have to click the link to But if you want to support them, by all means click the links so Amazon pays them for referrals.

Retevis RT-5R & Howard Leight Impact Sport

An option for those looking for Baofeng Radios for use in airsoft and milsim is the Retevis RT-5R, which looks like it is a clone of the Baofeng UV-5R and is Single Band, Single Frequenc with a range of 136-174MHZ for VHF and 400-520MHz for UHF, CTCSS/DCS function, and 128CH memory channel. Tactical Shirts Airsoft reviews this together with the Howard Leight Impact Sport headset.

Tactical Shirts Airsoft: JG MG36 AEG

Another Jing Gong AEG brought out the field. In this video, Tactical Shirts Airsoft of Spain takes out the Jing Gong MG36 AEG for a review. Based on the Heckler & Koch MG36 (E variant means "Export"), which is a squad automatic weapon from the H&K G36 family. Though the real one is not in production anymore, you can still find it in airsoft from Jing Gong as well as SRC.

Tactical Shirts Airsoft Summer Loadouts

Blame Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands for the increase in mix and match loadouts in airsoft these days, and that wearing some guccicam is not exactly the focus of some airsoft players. And it looks like the Wildlands look is also recommended as the loadout this summer season by Tactical Shirts Airsoft of Spain.