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Mach Sakai: S&T M320A1 Grenade Launcher

It's a grenade launcher for Mach Sakai to test for this video this time. The S&T ST3201A1 is a full metal airsoft grenade launcher that uses the standard 40mm gas grenade shells. Based on the Heckler & Koch design, this has an extendable stock, folding verticle grip, and can be attached to any railed handguard with a weaver attachment. It also has a leaf sight as well as G36C-style stock adapter.

Mach Sakai: S&T HK417 AEG Quick Review

S&T got an airsoft HK417 AEG that is available in the Japanese market. The RAS and stock tube made of metal, the stock is nylon fibre whilst the outer barrel is aluminum alloy. As this is an HK417 it has a Version 2 long tyype gearbox. Mach Sakai checks it for external details, operations, and a quick performance test.

Mach Sakai: S&T HK416 Sports AEG

An affordable HK416 AEG is available in Japan. Mach Sakai features the S&T HK416 Sporst AEG which is priced at around 22,000 yen or below US$200.00. A rear-wired AEG, it has an adjustable hop-up, a 350 high capacity AEG magazine, a 9-inch RAS handguard, and a 10.5" outer barrel. For this video, Mach Sakai shows how it performs in terms of range and accuracy.

Mach Sakai: S&T Tavor TAR21 AEG

S&T make their own version of the Tavor TAR-21 which is made fibre-reinforced body with the gearbox having 8mm metal bushings, and a new generation hop-up system. The gearbox also features a quick spring change which is getting to be the standard in AEGs these days. Mach Sakai does a quick review of the AEG checking on the external details and peformance at his range.

Burntwolf Airsoft: AGM S&T MG42 Review

Burntwolf Airsoft reviews the most afforable airsoft MG42 in the market, the AGM MG42 AEG that is also known with the S&T and Matrix brands. This full metal bushings for the custom gearbox and comes with a steel 2,500-round magazine that is battery powered for autowinding... "Right then you orrible lot this week on Burntwolf airsoft im going to be taking alook at the AGM S&T MG42."

Evike.com: Matrix S&T M4A1 GBB

Entry level Matrix M4A1 Gas Blowback Rifle made by S&T are available at Evike.com. This use the Western Arms M4 GBB System so it can be compatible with other airsoft GBBs that utilise the same system such as G&P and Jing Gong... "If you want to get into the realism of playing with Gas Blowback systems, then look no further than the affordable line of GBBs provided by Matrix and S&T."

Mach Sakai: S&T M4 Spectre SMG

The AEG based on the Italian Spectre SMG gets checked by Mach Sakai. The S&T M4 Spectre SMG is mainly made of Polymer with a built-in foregrip that has a battery compartment. This can be powered by an 8.4v Mini Battery and comes with 48-round BB magazine. Mach Sakai checks it out for externals, operation, and performance in a quick steel challenge.

Vera Rockrose: S&T DSR-1 Sniper Rifle

Vera Rockrose tries the big and heavy S&T DSR-1 Bullpup Airsoft Sniper Rifle. This is fully equipped with rails to mount optics with the upper receiver being made of CNC machined aluminium alloy with the lower receiver being polymer. This is a gas powered airsoft sniper rifle and comes with a 22 round magazine.

Vera Rockrose: S&T CheyTac M200

Vera Rockrose gets another long rifle in the form of the S&T CheyTac M200. Also known in the US as the 6mmProShop Cheytac M200, this is a 6mm CheyTac M200 for airsoft is there is an 8mm version from SOCOM Gear. This is a bolt action and magazine fed replica with a adjustable stock, bipod, and comes with 100 round magazine.

DesertFox Airsoft At Operation Uprising 4

DesertFox Airsoft goes to play at the Operation Uprising 4 armed with the S&T PPSh-41 EBB with a Drum Magazine... "Today I'm playing at Hill 559 for Operation: Uprising 4. The airsoft gun I am using is the S&T PPSH 41 electric blow back AEG or automatic electric gun. With the S&T PPSH-41 is a 2,000 BB drum magazine.

This was the only magazine I had for this gun and there are no mid caps available for it yet."