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How To Get Sponsored In Airsoft

Southern California Tactical Airsoft's Off The Field episode 1 got a topic that should interest any of you: how to get sponsorship. The hobby is not cheap so sponsorship can help defray expenses in some cases, become a source of income. Guest for this episode is TheDeeMoe so listen for his tips on getting that sponsorship.

Gun Gamers: Ups & Downs Of Sponsorship

So, wanting to become a sponsored airsofter? Before you embark on getting sponsors, hear out the Gun Gamers on what they say about sponsorship in this SpeedSim episode. From there, we wish you good luck as you will need a lot of it... "This week on SpeedSim, E House and Amy discuss the good and the bad of getting yourself sponsored. The doors it can open, and the responsibilities it creates are something to consider before you make the decision to proceed with any kind of sponsorship deal.

Spartan117gw: How To Get Sponsored

This topic that Greg Wong, aka "Spartan117gw", touches on would surely get the attention of those who have been working hard with their YouTube Channel, Blog, Vlog, website, or what have you as it is about getting sponsored. Running these are not easy as it takes time and money and having sponsorship is one of the big factors for their success.

Vlog: How To Get Sponsored By ASGI

For airsofters who are running their own YouTube Channels, blogs, or what have you and want to tap sponsorship in order to keep them running, here is a Vlog from GI Texas on how to get sponsored by Airsoft GI... "Today's VLOG covers an interesting range of topics from How to get sponsored, to how some of us come up with our Blog posts for the GI TV Blog!"

(Video) How To Get Sponsored In Airsoft

Want to have free guns? Then get sponsored according to AirsoftTech23 as he tells you how... "Hope you guys enjoyed the video! I hope this video helped someone of you guys out there so if you're at the current point where you could possibly get sponsored, this is how you should go about doing so!

10 Tips To Get Airsoft Sponsorship

Airsoftology does a great service to those who are in the airsoft media and even those who are planning to, by giving tips to get sponsorship in order to support operations. This is especially for those who do airsoft videos as these take time and money to do... "Want to learn what it takes to get a sponsorship with the big guys? Looking to break into the airsoft video world locally?"