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Southern California Tactical Airsoft

How To Get Sponsored In Airsoft

Southern California Tactical Airsoft's Off The Field episode 1 got a topic that should interest any of you: how to get sponsorship. The hobby is not cheap so sponsorship can help defray expenses in some cases, become a source of income. Guest for this episode is TheDeeMoe so listen for his tips on getting that sponsorship.

World Fastest Airsoft Tournament #4

Southern California Tactical Airsoft got part 4 of the SpeedQB tournament at Tac City up which they say is the fastest airsoft tournament... "This is the fastest paced airsoft event in the U.S. WORLD'S FASTEST AIRSOFT Tournament pt. 4 - The SpeedQB Practice Round. Many teams compete to qualify for the SpeedQB Tournament. This is the fastest paced airsoft event in the U.S."

SoCal Tactical Airsoft At Wildlands Opening

The Southern California Tactical Airsoft group were at the Wildlands Airsoft Park Grand Opening as well and here is their footage of the event... "Every Summer has an official kick off event, well in California this was that event, over 20 vendors and nearly 200 players on each team, this was hands down the best event of the year so far, great job by everyone involved."

SoCal Tac Airsoft: AW Hi-Capa Series

In this video by Southern California Tactical Airsoft, they feature these nicely designed Hi-Capa GBB Pistols from Armorer Works... "Armorer Works newest release with the best features you'll ever look for on an pistol. It features a customized, ported, lighter, skeletonized HI-CAPA slide, hammer, and trigger. The gun also comes pre-assembled with a full metal striker head with integrated lower accessory rail for an aggressive look.

SOCAL Tac Airsoft: KWA ATP Series

The KWA ATP Series are a succesful line of gas blowback pistols that are in the market for some years now. Southern California Tactical Airsoft checks them out to find out if they are still good gas blowback pistols for airsoft skirmishes and tactical training and the compact version will be released this month... "The KWA ATP Series. Amazing guns that I'm very sure you will enjoy. in addition to this review please take note of the following information.

SoCal Tactical: ASGI BB Wars Episode 3

A sweet and short AAR from Southern California Tactical Airsoft of the Airsoft GI BB Wars Episode 3 that was held at Code Red 2.0 Airsoft Park... "As you guys know It's extremely unusual that I would post a 20 minute video, but BB Wars at Code Red 2.0 Airsoft park was hands down the SuperBowl of all West coast Airsoft events, most every major southern California team, and Airsoft personality was there, it definitely was the place to be that day if you are into airsoft.