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Sniper AS

Sniper AS: Classic Army AK Series

The AK AEG series from Classic Army are back again, and if based in our experience with these before, they are good performers, but are the latest batch as good as the old? Sniper AS show us what is available from the series nowadays... "Hey guys, we would like to introduce you to the Classic Army AK series here today. Classic Army is still a household name among the 'old hands' in the airsoft scene and has always been a brand you can rely on.

KWA Tavor GBB Rifle Disassembly

With the KWA Tavor Gas Blowback Rifle now available to order in Germany, Sniper AS follow up on their review with a takedown of the bullpup rifle. Made of metal and mainly ABS for the main body it has a magazine capacity of 30 rounds and was first revealed during the IWA Outdoor Classics 2018 in Nuremberg.

Zentauron, Viper & Condor At Sniper AS

Reapers Airsoft show some of the gear from Zentauron, Viper Tactical, and Condor Outdoor they have in stock... "HiHo, Max looked at some Battle Belts for you. Including the estimated Zentauron ES for currently 120 euros and for beginners or players with a small budget of the Viper Lasercut and Condor Gen.2 for around 30 euros."

Sniper AS: LCT Airsoft PKP Pecheneg

The LCT Airsoft PKP Pecheneg AEG is available at Sniper-AS and here is Tom to give you the highlights of this hefty airsoft gun... "Hey people & GRU Spetsnaz, the steel monster from LCT is here! The PKP Pecheneg Machine Gun in 6mm! The Airsoft weapon has an absolutely blatant weight and it is also from the home LCT, so you can expect good processing. What good are MGs on the Airsoft playing field? Your opinion in the comments. Now have fun with the video. Greetings Tom."

Sniper AS Feature: GBLS M4 DAS

The GBLS M4 DAS AEG, which has the most realistic operation amongst M4 AEGs, will be available in Germany soon. Here is Tom of Sniper AS doing a video feature on this AEG... "Hey guys, the airsoft market is in a state of flux lately. Since SpeedQT or more and more brands rely on ETU systems. But a brand has now launched its own complete system. A GBB as AEG! Sounds crazy right? This weapon is fully electric and has the functionality of a GBB, so with moving shutter, Bolt Stop and much more. What do you think?

Sniper AS: KWA Tavor GBB Review

The next gas blowback bullpup, the KWA Tavor GBB gets reviewed by Sniper AS of Germany... "Hey guys, yes that thing was really an absolute cracker! The KWA Tavor was for most at the IWA 2018 the absolute highlight next to the Browning M2. No one knew that this weapon would be there, no leaks, no information about the weapon. An absolute firecracker! But is this airsoft good for anything? Was the release of the KWA Tavor perhaps too early and unplanned."

Top 10 Favourites In May 2018

Sniper AS show the Top 10 favourite airsoft stuff in May 2018... "Hey guys, the latest top 10 edition has arrived so we're going to show them all :) The next list is for the month May and here you can look forward to damn many weapons. What do you say? Does the list fit? Or what are products that you considered damn important?"

Sniper AS Custom HPA Airsoft Guns

Sniper AS, the German Airsoft retailer, show their custom HPA-powered airsoft guns... "Hey guys, finally the time has come. Our own HPA weapons are built! We looked at the new models directly and am really surprised by the new weapons. But what do you think of the HPA weapons? Is that something for you? Is HPA the future? The hottest thing about the weapons is that you can engrave your individual logo on the weapon."

Marui M40A5 Desert Paint Job Project

Sniper AS shows you how to do a paint job on your Tokyo Marui M40A5 Sniper Rifle... "Today we have an Airsoft Paintjob Guide for you. Tom chose a desert paint job on the Tokyo Marui M40A5 and documented his approach in a video for you. So he has a tip or two ready for you and shows you how easy you can do with simples tools for a paint job. So let yourself be inspired and then get these cans! "

Sniper AS: Valken Alloy MK3 AEG

The Valken Alloy MK3 AEG, the carbine variant in the Alloy series, gets reviewed by German airsoft retailer, Sniper AS... "The Alloy MK3 from Valken is still a prototype when reviewed but Tom has already looked at it for you and tested it. See in this video what he has to say about Valken's Alloy MK3 and how he finds it. Of course we have a speed shoot for you in this review, so be curious if the Alloy MK3 can beat the set up time of the LC-3. We wish you a lot of fun with the video!"