RWTV: 12 Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles


Marck presents the 12 best airsoft sniper rifles that you can get in 2020 in this RWTV episode. All of these you can get from RedWolf Airsoft. Before you click on the play button, we always recommend that you make your list and compare it to video after to find out if you agree in some, if not most... "Find the best sniper rifle for your next gun?

WELL MB03A VSR Clone Unboxing


Pheas Airsoft does an unboxing and quick overview of the WELL MB03A, a clone of the Marui VSR-10 airsoft sniper rifle. Based on the Remington 700 rifle, the package comes with three 25BB round magazines and a speed loader... "Here we have the third unboxing taken from the recent May Taiwan Gun order unboxing.

This time it's the Well MB03A VSR Clone budget sniper rifle."

CTM Airsoft MK13C Sniper Rifle Series


Aaron shows the CTM Airsoft MK13 airsoft sniper series and it is available the MK13C and MK13 Mod 7 variants... "The MK13 is a customized sniper rifle with reference to American sniper rifles, using AI's AX AICS customized bolted short barrel version, making it more convenient to move and carry, and adapt to different use environments.


HFC VSR-11 Bolt Action Airsoft Rifle At Airsoft Station


Not the VSR-10, but the VSR-11 Airsoft BASR from HFC that is available at the Airsoft Station and here are the highlights of this rifle... "The VSR-11 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle from HFC is the perfect choice for beginners or even experienced snipers who want an affordable yet reliable option when it comes to purchasing a new sniper rifle.

CYMA VSR-10 Airsoft Sniper Rifle At


Matt tries the CYMA VSR-10 bolt action airsoft sniper rifle which of course is a clone of the venerable and best selling Tokyo Marui VSR-10 series... "The VSR-10 bolt action series by CYMA presents the external appearance of a high quality finished VSR-10 sniper rifle, with an easily up-gradable Tokyo Marui / JG / HFC compatible internal parts, good magazine availability / compatibility, is bipod ready and scope ready.


Silverback Airsoft TAC-41 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle 3D Presentation


Silverback Airsoft are working on a prototype TAC-41 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle, releasing a 3D presentation to get you excited about their next project... "Hi All! Fresh from the 'drawing board', here is the concept of our future spring bolt action rifle platform, the TAC 41.

The initial idea is very simple: transpose the mechanic of our SRS replica into a non-bullpup rifle. The cylinder bore and piston stroke are the same as the SRS, with 41cc air volume, hence the name of the project.

Fully Working LEGO Sniper Rifle


Kevin183 shows the LEGO Sniper Rifle that he put together in this video. If you want to put one together, he is selling the instructions. According to him, he used a total of 1,235 parts for the gun and 70 parts for the bullets, costing him around €150 for all parts and shipping fees. Something for you to do whilst under lockdown.

Salty Old Gamer: Ares Amoeba Striker AS-01


For the next unboxing and video review by the Salty Old Gamer, he takes a look at the well-received Amoeba Strike AS-01 Sniper Rifle from Ares Airsoft... "We're checking out the awesomely upgradeable Ares Amoeba Striker AS-01. This airsoft gun takes VSR-10 aftermarket upgrades, making it a great platform to build upon. But, is it worth the starting price? Watch to find out."

Custom Sniper Builds At Airsoftjunkiez


Airsoftjunkiez pushed out a series of custom sniper builds for the Christmas shoppers but if you learned about them after, don't worry they are still available to order. You can select from the BAR-10 JG with the Wolverine Bolt M, or the Silverback Airsoft SRS Custom build. These are HPA powered airsoft rifles as Airsoftjunkiez is highly specialised in HPA airsoft builds.

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