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Sig 552

GHK SIG 552 GBB At 22nd Hooha Show

Something we would like to see in the gas blowback segment of the airsoft market will be finally coming true. WGC Shop posted photos of the prototype of the SIG 552 Gas Blowback Rifle being developed by GHK and on display at the 22nd Taipei Hooha Show. We like what we see and looking forward to its release.

Larry Vickers On The SIG 552 Commando

One of the favourite AEGs for airsoft CQB games for several years is the commando version of the SIG 550, the SIG SG 552. However Larry Vickers shows there is a problem with the real steel one in this episode of Vickers Tactical TAC-TV... "Larry takes on the SIG 552, the commando version of the SIG 550 series, and reveals the gun's fatal flaw."

Fox Airsoft ICS SIG 552 MRS Review

More ICS airsoft guns at Fox Airsoft with Matt going over the MRS version of the ICS Sig 552 which is a take of ICS to put their own mark on the famous Sig 552 and soon to be stock at their online store... "The ICS Sig 552 is a fully traded Sig variant that offers a number of the most sought after features in the gun industry.

ICS SIG 552 Sportline AEG Review

Angus reviews the sportline version of the ICS SIG 552 which is available at Spotted Hog Airsoft in this episode of Deathcore Airsoft... "The ICS SIG 552 Sportline Airsoft AEG is an excellent option for any airsofter looking for a quality indoor/outdoor AEG that is affordable but great quality. The 552 sportline version is constructed out of a solid plastic that is lightweight and durable.

Airsoft GI - G&G Sig 552 Review

Here is Bob the Axe Man going over G&G's SIG-552 AEG. The metal bits of this AEG are lower and upper receivers, with a Polymer Handguard, Pistol Grip, and Folding Stock. He highly recommends it for CQB and for vehicle mounted assaults and they want to know if you want Airsoft GI to have this in stock... "If you want AirsoftGI to carry the G&G Sig 552 let us know in the comments below! Or head over to our Facebook and Twitter and let us know!"

Classic Army Sportline FN SCAR-L & SIG 552

We have nothing but praises for the Classic Army SCAR-L when it was first released as it did perform well as compared to other SCAR-L AEGs that were launched at almost the same time with it and it went through various skirmishes, drops and it never let us down. With the release of the more affordable CA Sportline FN SCAR-L that Spartan Imports will be offering to retailers will it continue the same reliability as the older and more expensive one?

SoftAir Licensed JG SIG Sauer 552 Commando

If still interested in the SIG AEG series, here's more at "The SIG Sauer Commando SIG552 is used by special forces worldwide. The SIG-552 is a favorite among Anti-terrorist units. A more compact version of the SIG 550. The SIG552 is a very compact weapon perfect for close quarter combat simulation, yet with enough range to handle your outdoor games. 


Jing Gong JG SIG 552

The real steel SIG 552 was introduced in 1998 as one of the variants of the SIG SG 550 Assault Rifle. It is manufactured by Swiss Arms AG (formerly Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft) of Neuhausen, Switzerland. . It has a shorter 226 mm (8.9 in) barrel (with an open, 3-prong flash suppressor) and gas tube, ventilated handguards and a redesigned bolt carrier group that was integrated with the piston rod to form a single moving assembly.

Landwarrior Airsoft: JG Sig 552 Seals

One of the new offers of Landwarrior Airsoft is the JG Sig 552.... "The Sig 552 is a fantastic all round rifle. Offering the performance with the V3 gearbox made by Jing Gong. It is a reliable and compact AEG which will deliver every time. The real deal isn't used as widely as many would like, the reason? Well like a Swiss watch they cost a fortune! The real steel is reported to be one of the best rifles available today. This model is particularly popular with PMC employees.